Get set up in the App Marketplace

Create a HubSpot App Marketplace listing. First, our listing requirements.

3+ Active installs


Before an app is eligible to apply to be listed in the app marketplace, it must have acquired 3 or more active installs, where each active install is from a unique HubSpot customer.

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Policies & terms


To protect you, HubSpot, and our customers, and ensure your business and app complies with all applicable laws, we’ll need you to agree to some terms and policies before listing your app.

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Developers that request only the scopes that they need - and no more than that - tend to convert new customers better. Review your scopes to ensure you’re only asking for what you need.

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Next, create and submit your listing

To list your app in the App Marketplace, the following requirements apply. Once you’re confident you meet these requirements, visit the App Listing flow to start building your listing. 

Not sure what content you’ll need? This handy guide covers everything.

Minimum requirements

  • Your app must use OAuth 2.0 as the sole authorization method.
  • Your app must have a minimum of 3 active installs
  • You must have created an App Listing for your app, and supply information for all required fields.
    • URLs for your app’s terms of service and privacy policies must be live and up to date.
    • You must supply a URL to live, publicly available supporting documentation.
    • “Shared data” must be accurate and up to date.
    • Must submit at least one pricing plan that works with the integration
  • Webhooks to support privacy-compliant contact deletions must be implemented in your app.
  • Include at least one accurate “starting from” plan/price to your HubSpot App Marketplace listing.
  • Your app must not request scopes that are not used. If your requested scopes do not mirror the capabilities or API traffic for your app, it will not be listed in the App Marketplace.
  • You must accept and agree to all applicable terms and policies.
Brand guidelines
  • Please ensure your app, and associated collaterals (documentation, landing pages, etc) meet the requirements as laid out in the HubSpot Style Guide.
  • Please ensure your app, and associated collateral (documentation, landing pages, etc) do not infringe HubSpot’s Trademark Usage Guidelines.

Review, feedback, and approval

Once you submit your listing through the app listing flow, our team will complete an initial review within 5 business days. If any of the information is incorrect, misleading, or incomplete, we will explain what’s missing and share feedback with you.

Should your app be accepted into the App Marketplace as a “Listed” app, it will be for a maximum 12 month duration. 60 days before the end of the 12 month duration, we will reach out with information and next steps for how to apply to renew your listing.

We reserve the right to unpublish or refused publication of your app listing at any time, as stated in the App Marketplace terms.

Rewards for Listed App Partners

  • Dedicated HubSpot App Marketplace Listing
  • Priority Access to Developer Support (through dedicated support alias)
  • Developer Community Resources including webinars, forums, and more
  • Curated marketing resources, including PR templates, and launch guides
  • Discounted INBOUND event sponsorship, booths and tickets
  • Discounted Software through HubSpot for Startups Seed-Stage Program
  • Monthly Newsletter with marketing updates, product releases, and more