Developer tools and accounts

HubSpot has a number of tools to get your app or integration up and running. The first thing you should do is create a developer account.* From there, you’ll be able to begin building an app, list your apps on the App Marketplace, or create a test account.


*If you want to build a custom integration for a single account using its API key, you might not need a developer account. However, test accounts can only be created within developer accounts. You may still want to create test accounts to test your integration without affecting any real HubSpot data.


What are apps used for in HubSpot?

Distribution and security

Think of apps as a package for any functionality you want to share with HubSpot users (or a single HubSpot account). Authenticating your app with OAuth keeps this package secure for users connecting your integration.


API requirements

Having an app in HubSpot is required to use the CRM Extensions, Timeline, and Webhooks APIs. While not required, it is strongly recommended for the Ecommerce Bridge.


What’s the relationship between a developer account and a test account?

While developer and test accounts work together, they each serve a distinct purpose. Developer accounts are where you can build and list apps. Test accounts allow you to try our APIs and test the apps you’re building without impacting data from a real HubSpot account. Test accounts expire after 90 days, but can be renewed manually or automatically when an OAuth call is made. Test accounts can only be created and managed in a developer account, so you’ll need to start there. 


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