Getting certified in the App Marketplace

App certification involves the HubSpot Product team reviewing and confirming that your listed app meets the requirements below for security, privacy, reliability, performance, usability, accessibility, and value.

Certified apps stand out in the App Marketplace with a reputation for quality and trustworthiness. Your app will also earn special benefits and receive constructive feedback from the HubSpot Product team during app certification review.

Summary of app certification requirements:

For more detail, see the review criteria below.

Your app must:

  • Be associated with a single HubSpot app ID
  • Use OAuth authentication and all scopes it requires
  • Be associated with a verified domain
  • Public assets associated with your app must abide by security best practices

See the detailed list of security and privacy requirements.

Your app must:

  • Not be a browser extension
  • Be in good standing:
    • Be in compliance with all applicable terms
    • Have no recent certification rejections
    • Have no unresolved support escalations
  • Use stable, public versions of HubSpot's APIs and extensions
  • Maintain a reasonable volume of activity from customers
  • Adhere to the API usage guidelines
  • Maintain an average success rate above 95% across all activities

See the detailed list of reliability and performance requirements.

  • Your app must be listed in the HubSpot App Marketplace for at least 6 months
  • Your App Marketplace listing must accurately describe your app's current functionality
  • Your App Marketplace listing must contain clear and accurate pricing information
  • Your app's supporting documentation must be clear, accurate, and comprehensive

See the detailed list of usability and accessibility requirements.

  • Your app must have at least 6 active, unique installs with recent successful activity

See the detailed list of value requirements.

App activity is defined by OAuth-authenticated requests to HubSpot's APIs and signed requests from HubSpot webhook subscriptions and extensions (e.g. CRM card data fetch requests).

Active installs are the number of unique HubSpot production accounts showing recent successful activity.

Benefits of earning certification

In addition to the benefits of listing your app, certified apps receive:

  • A "HubSpot Certified App" badge, displayed on its App Marketplace listing
  • More prominent visibility in the HubSpot App Marketplace:
    • Inclusion in the "HubSpot Certified App" search filter
    • Eligibility for inclusion in curated App Marketplace collections
  • Eligible for priority consideration to access new HubSpot (private or early) beta APIs

Review criteria

To earn certification, your app must demonstrate quality by meeting quantitative measures and qualitative descriptors of security, privacy, reliability, performance, usability, accessibility, and value. The requirements below are organized by these categories and include examples of constructive feedback you may receive.

Security & Privacy 

Your app must:

  • Be associated with a single HubSpot app ID
  • Be authenticated by the OAuth authorization code flow
    • Asking users to copy and paste OAuth codes or tokens is prohibited. Users should only be asked to grant access
    • Apps must request, manage, and refresh access tokens without user involvement
  • Use all scopes it requires for installation (i.e. included in the scope parameter)
    • Extraneous scopes must be removed
    • If certain scopes only apply to a subset of your app's user base, they should be included as optional scopes
  • Be associated with a verified domain
  • Your public assets will be assessed for security best practices related to outdated software and various web server vulnerabilities and findings

Feedback example:

Your app currently requires four scopes: contacts, timeline, forms, and content. According to our logs, however, it only made requests to the CRM Contacts and Timeline Events APIs in the last 30 days. Since the forms and content scopes are not required for either of these functions, please remove them as required from the app’s settings to minimize the permissions users must accept.

Reliability & Performance

Your app must:

  • Be in good standing:
    • In compliance with all applicable terms
    • Not have been rejected for certification in the last six months
    • Not have any unresolved support escalations with mutual customers
  • Use stable, public versions of HubSpot's APIs and extensions
    • Using the latest public versions is recommended
    • Undocumented, beta, and developer preview APIs are considered unstable and must not be used in your production app
  • Maintain a reasonable volume of activity from customers
    • If your app shows a low or nonexistent volume of activity in the 30 days prior to applying, it will be rejected
  • A reasonable majority of your app's activity must come from HubSpot accounts unaffiliated with your organization
  • Your app must adhere to the API usage guidelines and best practices, including:
    • Respecting rate limits (i.e. 100 inbound requests every 10 seconds per connected HubSpot account)
    • Refreshing OAuth access tokens before they expire
    • Caching data for repeat calls when possible
    • Use batch APIs and webhook subscriptions to reduce request volume when possible
  • Your app must maintain an average success rate above 95% across all activities
    • Requests resulting in error responses count against this success rate
  • Your app must not include a browser extension or use similar means to inject capabilities or components into HubSpot's UI

Feedback examples:

Your app’s API success rate falls below the 95% threshold required for certification. Our logs show a 83% success rate in the last 30 days. The vast majority of these requests returned 429 burst rate limit errors. To reduce this error rate, we recommend throttling requests to 100 requests per 10 seconds for each account.

Your app is generating errors around trying to update contacts using an undefined email address, which will not work with this endpoint. Your app should skip these requests if a record does not have an email address.

Your app is making requests with expired OAuth tokens and receiving 401 errors before refreshing the token. To minimize these errors, we recommend that your app keep track of when tokens expire or refresh tokens before making requests. If you start seeing 401 errors for 100% of requests and are unable to refresh the access token, consider the app uninstalled and stop making requests for the account until a user re-authenticates your app.

Your app is generating 403 errors from trying to use the Contact Lists API with Marketing Hub Free accounts, which do not have access to contact lists. If your app repeatedly gets 403 errors for missing the proper scopes, it should stop making calls to retrieve lists from that account.

Your app’s webhook subscriptions frequently fail with 500 and 503 errors. Make sure that your server can handle the volume of requests (currently limited to 150 per second) so that customer data is not lost.

Your app is pulling many contacts one at a time instead of pulling them in batches. We recommend using batch endpoints instead.

Usability & Accessibility | App

  • Your app must be listed in the HubSpot App Marketplace for at least six months
  • Your app must demonstrate usability best practices
    • Installation and use should not cause confusion or frustration for mutual customers or otherwise negatively affect the core HubSpot user experience

Feedback example:

Your app currently requires users to manually configure workflow webhook actions to send text messages. Consider creating custom workflow actions via the app which are flexible enough to accommodate many use cases.

Usability & Accessibility | App Marketplace Listing

Your App Marketplace listing must:

  • Accurately describe your app's current functionality
    • If functionality changes based on a user's product or subscription level, either for HubSpot or your solution, differences must be made clear
    • Contain clear and accurate pricing information, including a link to your current pricing page
      • If multiple packages support your app, the App Marketplace listing must, at minimum, include the least expensive option
  • Include:
    • Informative and up-to-date visual aids, which may include screenshots or a video
    • An up-to-date "Setup documentation URL" which contains a subdomain and leads directly to the page hosting documentation for your app. This link must not lead to your homepage. 

Feedback examples:

Your App Marketplace listing includes few specific details about your app’s functionality. Please enhance the listing with screenshots which depict app functionality and include more thorough descriptions of common use cases and in-app behavior.

HubSpot customers are used to a “try before you buy” experience when purchasing our products and services. For this reason, we recommend your app provide a free trial or freemium sign-up experience. Some app partners who do not have pricing pages or free trials have created “HubSpot plans,” offering mutual customers transparent pricing, touchless sign-up, and other benefits.

Usability & Accessibility | Supporting Documentation

Supporting documentation for your app must:

  • Exist on a live, publicly accessible URL (i.e. no paywalls or login required) and adhere to current accessibility, privacy, and GDPR standards
  • Be up-to-date and consistent with the current version of your app
  • Clearly describe:
    • What your app does
    • How to install your app
    • How to configure your app once it is installed
    • How to use your app, including both manual and automated interactions
    • How to uninstall your app, including information about how uninstalling might affect users' HubSpot accounts and data
  • Include images. Any images containing screenshots of the HubSpot UI should be up-to-date and consistent with our design system
    • Videos are also recommended, but not required. Videos should be updated regularly and reflect the current version of your app

Feedback example:

The setup guide for your app includes a screenshot depicting the scopes your app requires for installation. This screenshot does not show the business-intelligence scope, which is selected in your app’s settings. Please update the screenshot so that it reflects the current required scopes.


  • Your app's active install count, retention, and HubSpot App Marketplace reviews are assessed as indicators of the value mutual customers find in your app
    • Your app must have at least six active, unique installs to qualify for and retain certification. The accounts with installs must be unaffiliated with your organization. Test accounts will also be excluded

Feedback example:

Your app has not maintained at least 6 active installs over the trailing six month period. As such, its certified status will be removed. You may re-apply for certification in six months.

The app certification and recertification review process

The HubSpot Product team responds to app Certification requests within ten business days. The entire app review and feedback process will take no more than sixty days.

Should your app meet all requirements, it will earn certified status and a “HubSpot Certified App” badge will be displayed to customers and prospects on the App Marketplace. Your app will also appear when users select the “HubSpot Certified App” filter.

Should your app not successfully complete the review, you may re-apply in six months.

After being certified for one year, the HubSpot Product team will review your app to ensure that it still meets the rigorous certification requirements. If your app no longer meets these standards, the team will collaborate with you for up to sixty days to resolve concerns. Apps must pass these annual recertification reviews to retain certified status.

If your app falls out of compliance with the certification requirements listed above at any time, we may immediately initiate a recertification process, even if your app has been certified for less than one year. As stated in the App Partner Program Agreement, we also reserve the right to unpublish your app at any time.

Frequently asked questions

No, we do not charge you a fee to list or certify your apps in the App Marketplace, nor a fee for installs generated through the App Marketplace. There is no revenue sharing. We are here to support you to make your app of higher quality.

No. At this time we do not have notifications enabled to notify you if and when you will be eligible to re-apply at this time. Your App Partner Manager would be the best resource to contact and ask if you are eligible before applying.

Feel free to use the press release template on this page to share the news that your app has earned certification.

If you plan to post on social media, be sure to tag HubSpot — we love to celebrate alongside our app partners!

We recommend you reach out to your App Partner Manager to see if app certification is right for your app.

Our goal is to ensure your app is well built for our mutual customers and limits breaking changes, which requires your app uses the latest stable APIs. We also love seeing and supporting entrepreneurs, early adopters, and developers who are eager to experiment with the newest beta APIs. 

The benefits of being featured in collections and for customers to easily filter for a certified app within the App Marketplace are continuing to evolve. We’d like to learn more about how you would find being featured the most helpful (e.g. App Marketplace, HubSpot community, HubSpot curated newsletters or other forms).

Your App Partner Manager would be the best contact to discuss potential future benefits and start this conversation.

With the average customer using more than five integrations, it’s imperative apps are monitored and held to privacy, security, and quality standards over time. Any public assets will be assessed using information already provided during a listing process and findings will be analyzed using a non-invasive method.

The HubSpot Product team will reach out if your app is out of compliance or due for annual recertification with next steps.

We encourage you to monitor your app’s performance, certification requirements, Developer Changelog, and any additional HubSpot resources related to any changes in technology used and how your app could stay up to date.

Find your App Partner Manager and their email information by logging into your developer account and navigating to App Marketplace > Listings. Hover over your app, click More > View Listing Details.