Associations represent the relationships between objects in the HubSpot CRM (contacts, companies, deals, quotes, line items, and tickets). The CRM associations endpoints help manage and define those relationships, allowing you to create a more holistic picture of your customer interactions and improving your ability to market, sell, and serve. 

Example use case: Your organization has several deals open with a company. Your sales team can use the CRM Associations API to associate these deals with a contact who has decision-making power. Associations also make it easier to analyze data and trends, like which job titles are most often connected with buying decisions.

Unsupported associations

This api doesn't support the following associations:

  • Parent-child associations
  • Special contact-to-company associations
  • Engagements

However, you can still use these associations with the previous version of the API.

Association definitions

Associations are defined by object types and direction. Association definitions are unidirectional, so you'll use a different definition depending on the starting object type. 

For example, if you want to see tickets associated with a contact (identified by its objectId), you would define the association like this:/crm/v3/associations/contact/ticket/batch/read.

You can test your own examples in the Endpoints tab.

Association Types

All associations between object types are 1 to many for a given direction.  This means that one record of one type, can be associated with many records of another type. For example, if you have a custom object for cars, a single car can be associated with multiple contacts who are interested in it. The same is true in the reverse direction, a single car contact be associated with multiple cars. Records cannot be associated with another record of the same object type. In this case that means, a contact cannot be associated with another contact. 



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