Recordings and transcripts

If you want to make call recordings playable in your HubSpot account, or you want to build on top of HubSpot's Conversation Intelligence functionality, you can use the engagements API to automatically transcribe calls and log them within HubSpot. 


Create an endpoint to provide an authenticated recording URL for a call

To list and transcribe calls on a record's timeline in HubSpot, create an endpoint that will be invoked to retrieve the authenticated call URLs associated with each engagement.

Your endpoint should accept the following parameters:

  • externalId: the unique ID associated with a call URL, provided as a path parameter. This will correspond to the same parameter you include in the metadata of your POST request to the engagements API, which you can then use in your app's backend to associate with the recording URL.
  • externalAccountId: a unique ID associated with the HubSpot account that made the call engagement, provided as a query parameter. You can use this parameter along with the externalId to identify the call recording.
  • appId: the ID of your app, provided as a query parameter.

Your endpoint should return a JSON response with a authenticatedUrl field that provides the recording URL.

// Response to GET request to your app's endpoint 
  "authenticatedUrl": ""

Register your app's endpoint with HubSpot using the calling settings API

Once your endpoint is ready, make a POST request using your app's ID to /crm/v3/extensions/calling/{appId}/settings/recording and provide the URL of your endpoint with the urlToRetrieveAuthRecording parameter in the body of your request.

  • Your endpoint's URL must contain the %s character sequence, which HubSpot will substitute with the externalId of the engagement when calling your endpoint.
  • Provide the full path of your endpoint URL in your POST request, including the https:// prefix.

For example:

// Example POST request to configure your app's endpoint
  "urlToRetrieveAuthRecording": ""

If you change the location of your endpoint, you can make a PATCH request to the same HubSpot endpoint above and provide an updated value for urlToRetrieveAuthRecording.

Log a call with your app's endpoint using the engagements API

After you've registered your calling app's endpoint with HubSpot, you can log calls by making a POST request to the /engagements/v1/engagements endpoint, and including the engagement info, call metadata, attachments, and any associations in the body of the requests. To ensure that HubSpot can fetch the authenticated recording URL, include the externalId and externalAccountId parameters in the metadata of your request body.

The body of an example request is shown below:

// POST request to
    "engagement": {
        "active": true,
        "ownerId": 1,
        "type": "CALL",
        "timestamp": 1611588264685
    "associations": {
        "contactIds": [6951],
        "companyIds": [],
        "dealIds": [],
    "attachments": [{
        "id": 4241968539
    "metadata": {
        "toNumber": "5735786232",
        "fromNumber": "6179030296",
        "status": "COMPLETED",
        "durationMilliseconds": 38000,
        "title" : "test call",
        "source": "INTEGRATION_PLATFORM",
        "appId": "app-101",
        "externalId": "test-call-01",
        "externalAccountId": "test-account-01"

When one of your app's users navigates to the associated record timeline to view the engagement, HubSpot will call the endpoint you configured to serve the authenticated recording URL. For example, to retrieve the recording URL associated with the example engagement above, HubSpot would make a GET request to:

Log call recordings without registering your app's endpoint

If you're unable to create and host an endpoint to provide HubSpot with authenticated recording URLs, you can also directly log a call using the engagements API by including a recordingURL in the metadata and omitting the externalId and externalAccountId parameters. The recording URL will appear on the contact record timeline but the recording will be publicly accessible to anyone with the URL.

Learn more about using the v1 engagements API to log a call recording here, or you can use the latest beta version of the engagements API.

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