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Feedback Submissions (BETA)

In HubSpot, feedback submissions store information submitted to a feedback survey. Surveys in HubSpot include Net Promoter Score (NPS)Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)Customer Effort Score (CES), and custom surveys. Using the feedback submission endpoints, you can retrieve submission data about your feedback surveys.

Learn more about objects, properties, and associations APIs in the Understanding the CRM guide.

Please note: the feedback submissions endpoints are currently read only. Feedback submissions cannot be submitted or edited through the API. 

Retrieve feedback survey submissions

To view details about your feedback survey submissions, you can retrieve submission data in bulk for multiple surveys, or for an individual survey. For example, you can use the API to see all survey responses for a specific NPS survey.

To retrieve submissions, make a GET request to /crm/v3/objects/feedback_submissions/{feedbackSubmissionId}. By default, the following properties are returned for each submission: hs_createdate, hs_lastmodifieddate, and hs_object_id, but you also can retrieve additional properties.

For example, to retrieve survey submissions with the source and sentiment of the submissions, your request URL would look like:,hs_survey_channel.

Feedback submission properties

Feedback submissions have default properties that contain information about the survey, submission answers, and the date the survey was submitted. You can also create custom submissions properties

Feedback submissions properties cannot be created or edited via API. You can only create properties in the feedback surveys tool within HubSpot, and the properties cannot be edited after creation.


Feedback submissions can be associated with contact and ticket records. Learn how to associate objects with the associations API.

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