Event Analytics

Use the event analytics API to fetch events associated with CRM records of any type (Marketing Hub Enterprise, Sales Hub Enterprise, Service Hub Enterprise, or CMS Hub Enterprise only). This includes standard events, such as website page views and email opens, as well as custom events.

For example, use this API to view a timeline of the interactions that a contact has had with your content. You can then use this timeline to build a dataset for custom analytics or present a contact timeline in an external application.

Query individual event completions

This API returns events for one CRM record at a time. You can select the record by specifying the objectType and including either the objectId or objectProperty query parameter.

Select by object ID

To specify a record by its ID, add the objectId query parameter. For example, to specify a contact record with the ID of 2832, you would make the following GET request: 


Select by object property

To specify a record by a unique property instead of contact ID, add the objectProperty parameter. Reference the property by including the property name and the value in the following format:


For example, to specify a contact by their email address, you would make the following GET request: 


Querying and filtering for event types

When querying for the events associated with a given CRM object, the response will include all event types, including custom behavioral events.

To only return event completions for a specific event type, you can include an eventType parameter, followed by the event name. To get a list of all available event types, you can make a GET request to /events/v3/events/event-types. The response will return all event types in your account. You can then use one of these event names as a query parameter in a GET request to the /events/v3/events endpoint.

For example:


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