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Please note: This API is currently under development and is subject to change based on testing and feedback. By using these endpoints you agree to adhere to our Developer TermsDeveloper BetaTerms. You also acknowledge and understand the risk associated with testing an unstable API.


This API is currently in beta. For the latest stable version check out this page




HubSpot uses forms to collect lead information. The endpoints described here can be used to set up new forms or get the details of the forms you set up previously.

The type of a form will indicate what purpose it has. The formType can be one of the following values: hubspot (default), captured, flow or blog_comment.

hubspot forms offer a variety of field types and styling options and can be used embedded in a website page. Those forms can be created and edited using the endpoints described here.

captured forms correspond to HTML forms in external websites and are created as a result of submissions.

flow forms are used for pop-ups.

blog_comment forms are automatically created for HubSpot blog pages.



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