Account Activity

The following endpoints provide information about login and security activity in your HubSpot account.

Get login activity for your HubSpot account

Use this endpoint to retrieve the previous 90 days of user login history. This includes login attempts to and the HubSpot mobile app. Login history exports contain the following information about each login attempt:

  • login timestamp
  • user email address
  • IP address
  • location
  • type of login
  • user agent (information about the device used for logging in)

Get security activity for your HubSpot account

Use this endpoint to export security activity history to see a list of security-related actions that users have taken in the account. For each user action, the response body will show:

  • the time of the action
  • the type of action
  • the user's email address
  • the ID of the affected object
  • the approximate location
  • a link to the URL where the action was taken in the account


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