Business Units

The following endpoint provides information about business units tied to a user. This may also include information about logos.

Please note: the business units API currently only supports retrieving business unit data and does not support associating assests with a business unit, nor creating a new business unit.

Get business units tied to a user

To get the business units that a user has access to, you can make a GET request to


The following is an example of what the response body should include:

// Example GET request to /business-units/v3/business-units/user/{userId} { "logoMetadata": { "logoAltText": "logo sample text", "resizedUrl": "sillystring", "logoUrl": "" }, "name": "sample business unit name", "id": "101" }

For more information on how to use the business units API, click the Endpoints tab at the top of this article.

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