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This functionality is in beta. The primary purpose of custom quote templates is to enable quotes to have proper company brand styling. The quote tool supports some but not all of the functionality that CMS templates support. By participating in this beta you agree to our beta terms. Interested in joining this beta?
We encourage beta participants to join the beta group on the forums to provide feedback.

In the sales process, a sales rep creates a deal, then the sales rep creates a quote associated with that deal. The sales rep sends the quote URL or PDF to a prospect. The prospect then accepts or declines the quote. In some cases payment is exchanged right away, in some cases an e-signature is used.

Requires Sales Hub Pro or Enterprise 
CMS Starter+ or Marketing Hub Pro +

During the quote creation process the sales rep selects a customized quote template from a list that includes HubSpot created default templates and any custom quote templates in the account's developer file system.

Custom quote templates are built using the same underlying systems that CMS Hub uses. Due to the specific use-case of quotes there are key differences between how quotes work from the way website/landing pages, and email templates work.

Important differences from CMS templates:

  • More data is available to the template that is restricted for other template types.
    • Quote related data and deal related data is available to a quote template.
    • Contact data for quote recipients is available to the template. 
  • There is not currently a drag and drop editor for building quote templates. Instead, there is a module-based editor for customizing or hiding the modules that are already in a template.

Because more data is available to quote templates without requiring password protection. You should take care to only expose information that is truly required for the purpose of the quote.

Notable Similarities between CMS templates and quote templates:

  • Your domain level settings apply to quotes.  This means, head/footer code etc. You can disable domain stylesheets using template annotations.
  • Make it easy to update the content of a quote using custom modules and their fields.
  • HubL - most of HubL's functionality works on quote templates. From functions, filters, if conditions and imports to includes.

What is happening with the old beta version involving templateType: Proposals

Thank you to everyone who participated in the proposals version of this beta. We learned a LOT from you all about what you wanted to do with the custom quote functionality. We realized we had to make some significant changes to the way we were creating this functionality to really empower developers, sales managers, and sales representatives to sell more effectively and allow better tailoring of quotes to individual businesses.

The new templateType: quote is a significant under-the-hood change that enables us to add a lot more powerful flexibility and capabilities down the road than we can with the older beta version of proposals. For developers the experience will feel more like developing for CMS Hub, for sales managers there is a new experience that enables creating Customized Quote Templates. These are sales manager created presets for quotes based on a developer created template. Sales reps then use the customized quote templates to create quotes from. For both sales reps and sales managers this change enables us to iteratively continue improving the UX they see and experience.

How to migrate an existing proposal template to quotes.

Printing and PDFs of custom quotes

Quotes are web pages. The same CSS you would use to optimize a web page for printing can be used to provide a good PDF or printing experience for your custom quote.

You would use a CSS media query for print - to target the print experience. You can test this experience by using your browser's developer tools.

If you'd like to print we suggest using the download module (/modules/download.module), downloading and then printing. Alternatively since a quote is a web page you can use JavaScript and a button element to provide an easy way to print the quote.

Interested in joining this beta?

It's important to set clear expectations about this beta and the functionality involved. This functionality right now requires a developer to be involved. We are moving toward a world where developers will be less necessary for simple changes, we're just not there right now. This functionality is in beta, beta means we're actively working on the experience and some parts of the experience may have rough edges. Your feedback helps us iron out those rough edges, so if you're happy to give feedback to help us get to that ideal experience, and patient as we move towards it, then this might be a good fit for you. As a result of that feedback some elements of the experience may change over time. If you are ready for that experience you can contact your CSM to request access to this beta. 

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