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The event registration app GitHub repo and #events-app-beta Slack channel have been archived. They are still available in a read-only capacity, and can still be used to build a functioning example site. However, these resources are no longer actively supported.

For further guidance, you can reach out to the #general channel in the HubSpot Developers Slack.

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In today’s digital world, customers expect sophisticated solutions that are fast, personalized, and convenient. This includes scheduling appointments and send payments without the help of another human. 

Using HubSpot's example event signup app, you'll learn how you can combine CMS Hub Enterprise tools with modern frontend technologies like React and Webpack to build immersive online experiences for customers. 

An example of the event registration app for managing events and signups.


Using HubDB, content editors are able to easily maintain a list of events which are automatically displayed on your website pages using the event app and upcoming events modules. Behind the scenes, the app uses serverless functions to manage sending and receiving data to HubDB and the CRM, like new event signups. 

Once a user registers for an event, they'll be invited to sign for an account through Memberships where they can manage the events they've registered for. Since registrations are saved to the CRM, you can enroll or interact with the visitor just like any other contact.

This example app is powered by the following technologies:


  1. A HubSpot account with CMS Hub Enterprise
  2. Node.js installed
  3. HubSpot CMS local development tools installed and configured

What the app includes

  • 2 modules:
    • Event app module: includes an upcoming event cards, search, filter, and calendar. Best used on a full width template with no padding
    • Upcoming events module: a 3 column card module each featuring upcoming events.
  • An example HubDB table.
  • Serverless functions that power a personalized My Events view and event registration.

Getting started

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