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The Design Manager is a web-based integrated development environment that can optionally be used to build templates, modules, CSS and JavaScript. The Design Manager can be found by navigating to Marketing > Files and Templates > Design Tools in the top navigation bar.

If you prefer to develop locally using your preferred code editor, workflows and technologies you, can utilize the CMS CLI

Regardless of whether you develop locally or utilize the Design Manager for building out assets, the entire developer file system of your account will be represented and editable in the Design Manager.

Screenshot of HubSpot Design Manager

Some developers or teams choose to use a workflow where a mix of the Design Manager and local development are used. You can utilize the hs fetch command of the CMS CLI to pull Design Manager edits down to your local environment. Alternatively, you can prevent editing and have your entire codebase continuously integrated with source control

Check out the Design Manager user guide for a comprehensive overview of the Design Manager and its various components.

Design Manager Settings

The Design Manager, has basic IDE settings you can configure to make the experience fit you and your workflows. A settings button appears adjacent to the help button in the bottom bar and can be used to configure the settings.

You can configure settings for:

If these features don't satisfy your needs, we highly recommend trying our local development tools and workflow.

Screenshot of design manager settings screen

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