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The HubSpot CMS is powerful and can be extended through APIs. This page is an aggregation of our APIs that are most relevant to developers building with the CMS. This is not our full list of APIs. Our APIs are subject to rate limits and support OAuth. We encourage reviewing our API Usage Guidelines for best practices. To test your integrations you will need to create a developer account, which will enable you to create test accounts or an application to get started with OAuth. This is different from your CMS developer sandbox portal.

Analytics API

The Analytics API allows you to export analytics and reporting data from HubSpot. It’s primarily used to connect metrics tracked in HubSpot to those stored in other business intelligence tools. You could use this API to display traffic and leads tracked in another CRM or analytics tool.

Conversations API

The Conversations Live Chat widget allows you to directly engage in conversations on your website. The Conversations API helps you provide a more tailored visitor experience by giving you more control over this widget.

You can use this to customize how and when the conversations widget appears on your website.


The CMS Blog APIs enable you to sync your blog data with external applications and tools as well as modify blog content.

CMS Blog Authors API

The CMS Blog Authors API enables you to list, search, create, delete, and get information for blog authors.

CMS Blog Comments API

The CMS Blog Comments API can be used to list, get, create, and delete comments as well as restore deleted comments.

CMS Blog Post API

The CMS Blog Post API can be used to list, get, create, update, delete, clone, and control publishing of blog posts. The API can also be used to manage revisions of a post.

CMS Blog Topics API

The CMS Blog Topics API can be used to list, search, get, create, update, delete and merge blog topics.

CMS Domains API

The CMS Domains API can be used to get a list of all the domains and their associated properties for a HubSpot account.


You can use the CMS Files API to upload, delete, organize and manage files in the File Manager.

Forms API

You can use the Forms API to deliver heavily customized forms to users by directly submitting form data to our forms API. This API can also be used to get form information, create, update and delete forms, and their associated fields. Note: when using the Forms API to submit forms data, the accessibility and validation of your forms is your responsibility.


You can use the HubDB API to create, modify and delete HubDB tables, and their rows of data. The HubDB API also supports importing a CSV file into an existing HubDB table. This API is useful for those storing and displaying complex information.

CMS Page Publishing API

You can use the CMS Page Publishing API to create, clone, list, update, and delete pages on the CMS. This API can also be used to manage the publishing state and view and revert to revisions of a page.

CMS Site Search API

You can use the Site Search API to search the content (site pages, blog posts, landing pages, blog listing pages, and knowledge articles) of a HubSpot hosted site. This can be used to build a custom site search. You can also use the API to access all of the indexed data for a document.

CMS Templates API

You can use the CMS Templates API to list, create, update, delete, and publish coded HTML+HubL templates. This API can also be used to get and restore previous revisions of a template as well as restore deleted templates.

CMS URL Mappings API

You can use the CMS URL Mappings API to list, create, update, delete, and get URL mappings from a HubSpot account. URL Mappings are used for redirects and proxy pages.

CMS Content Audit API

The CMS Content Audit API allows you to filter and sort on content object changes by type, time period, or HubSpot user ID, so you’re never left wondering what happened. This API is currently in public beta.

The GDPR privacy consent banner which can control whether different analytics scripts are run. To control script loading you'll need to get the consent status

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