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On October 20, 2022, templates, template packs, modules, and email templates will no longer be available for purchase, download, or upgrade in the HubSpot Asset Marketplace. Please read our changelog announcement for more information.

Starting October 20th, 2022, transaction data will no longer be available in your HubSpot provider account for modules, templates, and template packs. Transaction data must be downloaded before October 20th, 2022.

To download your transaction data:

  • Log into your Asset Marketplace provider account. 
  • Click Asset MarketplaceTransactions.
  • Click Download to download your transaction data for assets you've created. 
  • The report will include the following:
    • Transaction ID
    • Price
    • Buyer email
    • Buyer HubID
    • Asset name
    • Asset type
    • Date of purchase
    • Refund status

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