List and update assets in the HubSpot Asset Marketplace

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Once you’ve created an Asset Marketplace provider account, you can use it to create asset listings and then submit them for approval.

Before listing your asset

  1. Fill out your Provider Information
  2. Connect your payment gateway

Creating an asset listing

To create and submit a listing for a theme:

  1. In your Asset Marketplace provider account, navigate to Asset Marketplace Listings.
  2. In the upper right, click Create theme listing
  3. Select the theme you want to list, then click Create listing. You'll then be brought to the listing editor.
  4. On the Listing info tab of the listing editor, provide the following information:
    • Listing name: the name that will appear on your theme listing. Avoid using your company name or the word "theme". You should instead include a short, descriptive name. You can change this name once published.
    • Price: select Free or Paid. If you’re listing a paid asset, enter a price as well.
    • Live example link: a link to a live version of your theme so users can test it.
    • Thumbnail image: the image that appears in search results and on the storefront card.
    When you're done, click the Asset Details tab.
  5. On the Asset Details tab, provide the following information:
    • Demo video (optional): a video that showcases your theme, its customizability, and how easy it is to use. Potential buyers find these videos valuable when evaluating an asset purchase, so including one is recommended.
    • Images: a minimum of two and up to 20 full-size images of your theme. Avoid including collages and marketing images. Instead, images should focus on the theme itself.
    • Theme description: a summary of your theme's key selling points and how it can help buyers achieve their goals.
    • Features: a minimum of two and up to 5 key features of your theme.
    • Client example (optional): up to 3 real-life examples of sites using your theme. Ensure that you have the client’s permission to include them.
    When you're done, click the Category tab.
  6. On the Category tab, provide the following information:
    • Business types: up to two primary industry or business types that your theme is geared toward.
    • Page types: up to 10 different page types that are included in your theme.
    • Page features (modules): up to 10 different features that appear on those page types.
    • Search tags (optional): up to 15 keywords for your top features and attributes to help customers find your asset.
    When you're done, click the Support tab.
  7.  On the Support tab, provide the following information:
    • Do you offer support for this theme?: whether you provide free support beyond standard bug fixes. If you do offer additional free support, you can add up to 10 bullet points describing it. You’ll also need to add your estimated response time, business hours and timezone, and supported languages.
    • Support channels: information about how buyers can connect with you for support. An email address is required, and you can also include live chat, Facebook Messenger, and phone options.
    • Self-service support resources for customers: resources that purchasers can use for self-service, including setup documentation, your support website URL, HubSpot community forum URL, and a case study link.
    • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy: a link to your Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and (optionally) two additional privacy docs. 
    When you're done, click the Review tab.
  8. On the Review tab, where you’ll validate your theme’s code and preview your listing. If everything looks good, click Submit for review.

Update an asset listing

After creating an asset listing, you can later update it from within your HubSpot account. If you've made changes to an asset, you'll need to revalidate it before those changes are pushed out. Otherwise, if you don't revalidate, only the content on the marketplace listing page will be updated.

To update an asset listing:

  1. In your Asset Marketplace provider account, navigate to Asset Marketplace Listings.
  2. Click the name of the listing you want to update. You'll then be brought to the listing editor.
  3. Using the asset listing editor, make any needed changes to the listing information, asset details, categories, and support options, then click the Review tab to review your changes.
  4. On the Review tab, check whether your asset's code has changed since its last validation:
    • If you've made no changes to the asset, HubSpot will display a confirmation message in the Theme source code tile showing that your validation is up to date.
    • If you've made changes to the asset, HubSpot will display an alert in the Theme source code tile. To send these asset changes to the marketplace, you'll first need to click Run validation. If you only want to update the marketplace listing content, you don't need to validate your code.


   5. In the upper right, click Submit for review.