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With the recent launch of the newest iteration of the Asset Marketplace for themes, the marketplace’s public-facing website has been sunset for the foreseeable future as we migrate content. At this time, all public-facing URLs to marketplace categories and individual listings have been redirected to our HubSpot CMS information page located here. As marketplace authors, we understand the need for you to be able to point your prospective and current customers to your asset listings on our marketplace. Below is a guide on how to redirect your current public-facing redirects to links that will bring users to your listing in-app.

Portal agnostic linking inside of HubSpot

Portal agnostic linking allows for users to be able to provide links for areas inside of the HubSpot application without the need for adding a portal ID in the URL. For example, when you log into your HubSpot Portal and visit your asset listing area, you will see your URL as:[YourPortalId]/assets

This link directly references the asset listing area inside of your portal. Using portal agnostic linking, we can instead direct users to: which will prompt the user to choose which portal they wish to continue with. Upon the user selecting the appropriate portal, they will then be brought to the asset listing area.

Using portal agnostic linking within the asset marketplace

When using portal agnostic linking from the asset marketplace perspective, we can accomplish the same goal of linking people directly to an asset listing while also allowing them to choose the portal with which they wish to continue with. To do this, simply browse to your new listing within your portal and grab the URL of your listing.


Using this, we can simply remove the portal id from the URL and place a /l/ after the portion of the URL. This will turn our URL into a portal agnostic URL. Go ahead and give it a try below.


We recommend updating your external links that are pointing to the marketplace to make use of these portal agnostic links for the time being until we have finished the migration of the asset marketplace. 

To keep up to date on developer-related changes and when the migration of the marketplace will be completed, we recommend subscribing to the Developer Changelog.

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