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With the recent launch of the new Asset Marketplace for themes, the marketplace’s public-facing website has been sunset for the foreseeable future as content is migrated. At this time, all public-facing URLs to marketplace categories and individual listings have been redirected to the HubSpot CMS information page.

Below, learn how to redirect your current public-facing redirects to links that will bring users to your listing in-app.

Account agnostic linking

Account agnostic linking allows you to provide links to areas of HubSpot without the need for including an account ID in the URL. Rather than including an account ID in the URL, you can instead start the URL with, followed by the rest of the URL, excluding the account ID.

For example, to link users to the asset listing area of their account, you could use the following URL:

When the user loads that URL, they'll be prompted to choose which account they want to log in with, and then will be brought to the asset listing area.

Using this method, you can link people directly to an asset listing. To do this, navigate to your new listing within your account and copy the URL. For example:[YourPortalId]/marketplace/assets/themes/mojoflex-master-by-mojo-media-labs

Then, remove the account ID from the URL and place a /l/ after, resulting in the following URL, which you can test by clicking:

We recommend updating your external links that are pointing to the marketplace to make use of these account agnostic links for the time being until the content migration is complete.

To keep up to date on developer-related changes and when the migration of the marketplace will be completed, subscribe to the Developer Changelog.

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