HubSpot Asset Marketplace Website, Landing Page, and Blog Template Requirements

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As of October 7th, 2021, we are no longer accepting NEW submissions of Website, Landing Page, Blog Templates, Email Templates, Modules and Template Packs. Existing marketplace listings can be updated, except for modules and email templates. Please read our changelog announcement for more information.

The following requirements are listed for those who are updating their existing Website, Landing Page, Blog Templates, and Template Packs in the Asset Marketplace.

1. Website and Landing Page Template Requirements

Please refer to our Compliance, Design, and Code Quality common criteria to make sure you have adhered to those requirements. While there are no additional requirements for Website and Landing Page templates specifically, we encourage you to revisit the section of Default Module styling as this is an important factor in making sure your Website or Landing Page Template update is accepted on the Asset Marketplace.

2. Blog-Specific Templates Requirements

The following are requirements that must be met in order to submit for an update to your listing.

2.1 Blog Post or Listing Templates May Be Used

Your template title must reflect what the template is specifically for, either Blog Listing or Blog Post.

2.2 Comments Must Be Styled

Blog comments including Parent Comments and Child Comments (replies) must be styled to match the template.

2.3 Author Box (a.k.a About the Author)

Author boxes (often referred to as the “About the Author” area) must be styled to match the template.

3. Template Packs

Template packs must:

  • Use the same style sheet (with exception of email templates) throughout the templates.
  • Not exceed 100 templates in the pack.

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