How do I create a test account?

Test accounts can be used to test your integration without it affecting the data in your HubSpot production account.  Test accounts have access to Enterprise versions of the HubSpot Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs, allowing you to test most of the HubSpot tools and APIs.

You'll need to have a Developer account to create test accounts.  If you don't already have one, you can sign up for one here:

Once you sign into your Developer account, you'll have the option of creating an app or creating a test account.


You can also get to the Testing dashboard using the Testing link in the top navigation menu.

On the Testing dashboard, click the orange button in the top right to create a new test account.  The Testing dashboard will also show you any previously created test accounts, their expiration date, and whether the accounts are active or expired.


After you've created a test account, you'll be able to install your integration into that test account.

Expiration and renewal

Test accounts automatically expire after 90 days, so if you're using a test account you'll need to renew it using the Renew button in the row for the account. Renewing an account sets it to expire 90 days from when you click the renew button.

Additionally, any API requests made to the account authenticated with an OAuth access token will automatically renew the test account. NOTE: This automatic renewal only applies to request made using OAuth tokens generated from an application in the same developer account, and only when the request is made within 30 days of the expiration date for the account. API requests made using the API key of the account, or OAuth requests made when there are more than 30 days left before expiration, will not automatically renew the account.

Expired accounts can be renewed up to 90 days after they originally expired.