Check daily API usage

Last updated June 11, 2019

GET /integrations/v1/limit/daily

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Marketing & CRM

Check to see how many API calls that have been made for a portal for the current day, as well as the time that the limit will reset.  The current day is measured from midnight to midnight based on the time zone setting of the portal.

See the API Usage Guidelines for more details about HubSpot's API limits, and this page for details about working with those limits.

The data returned returned by this endpoint will be cached for 5 minutes.  Check the fetchStatus and collectedAt fields in the response to determine if the response was from cache.

Note: This endpoint tracks daily API usage for integrations using a HubSpot API key (hapikey), and therefore requires a hapikey for authentication. To track the usage for an OAuth app, you can use the request monitoring in the app settings.

Required Parameters How to use Description
HubSpot API key hapikey=
used in the request URL
The API key for the HubSpot portal you want to check the API usage of.

Example URL: