Forms API Overview

What is the Forms API?

Much of HubSpot's marketing methodology revolves around the notion of drawing customers into a website with engaging content and capturing their information for ongoing nurturing, which (if all goes well) turns into revenue. Forms are the method by which that lead capture takes place.

While HubSpot has a native forms tool, for some customers it makes much more sense to build forms natively on their site or application and then pass those form submissions to HubSpot via the API. If you'd like to learn more about the forms tool inside of HubSpot, you can sign up for a developer account to use a sandboxed version of the application, or you can check out the forms user guide for a deeper understanding of how an end user interacts with the forms tool.

Using the Forms API

The forms API's principle method is the submit form method, which allows you to pass any information captured on your website or application to HubSpot, including any custom data. This endpoint doesn't require authentication, so you can make the call from a form to our API from the client without needing to worry about insecurity.

Please note that there are some limits in place for contact records and form submissions that may affect your testing. Please see the list of contact and form limits.

For any specific questions about the Forms API, refer to our developer forum, where many of the common questions have already been asked.

When not to use Forms API

The Forms API should not be used to bulk import contacts, or for updating contact properties. Please use the contacts batch update for bulk imports. Abuse of Forms API will result in submissions from the abusive form being ignored until the behavior is changed. 

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