Refresh OAuth 2.0 Access Token

POST /oauth/v1/token

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Marketing & CRM

Use a previously obtained refresh token to generate a new access token.  Access tokens expire after 6 hours, so if you need offline access to data in HubSpot, you'll need to store the refresh token you get when initiating your OAuth integration, and use that to generate a new access token once the initial access token expires.
Required Parameters How to use Description
Grant Type  grant_type=refresh_token
Used in the request body
The grant type of the request, must be refresh_token when refreshing an access token.
Client Id client_id=x The Client ID of your app.
Client Secret client_secret=x
Used in the request body
The Client Secret of your app.
Redirect URI  redirect_uri=x
Used in the request body
The redirect URI that was used when the user authorized your app.
Refresh Token refresh_token=x
Used in the request body
The refresh token obtained when initially authenticating your OAuth integration.

Optional ParametersHow to useDescription
None None No optional parameters for this method.