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The CrmAssociationPivot component is a CRM data component that renders a list of associated records organized by their assigned association label. You'll specify the type of records that you want to appear along with table attributes such as pagination, sorting, and more. You can either return all labels or specify the labels to return.


import { CrmAssociationPivot } from '@hubspot/ui-extensions/crm'; const Extension = () => { return ( <CrmAssociationPivot objectTypeId="0-1" associationLabels={["CEO", "CEO of subsidiary", "Co-founder"]} maxAssociations={10} preFilters={[ { "operator": "NOT_IN", "property": "dealstage", "values": ["closedwon"] } ]} sort={[ { "columnName": "createdate", "direction": -1 } ]} /> ); };
Prop Type Description
objectTypeId Required String The numeric ID of the type of associated object to display (e.g., 0-1 for contacts). See complete list of object IDs.
associationLabels Array Filters results by specific association labels. By default, all association labels will appear.
maxAssociations Number The number of items to return in each association label group before displaying a "Show more" button.
preFilters Array Filters the data by specific values of the associated records. Review the CRM data filter options for more information.
sort Array The default sorting behavior for the table. In the array, you'll include an object for the column you want to sort by, which specifies:
  • columnName: the column to sort by.
  • direction: the direction to sort by. Can be either 1 (ascending) or -1 (descending). By default, order is ascending.

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