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The CrmAssociationPropertyList component renders a list of properties belonging to a record associated with the currently displaying record. For example, you can use this component to display properties of a company record from its associated contact record. You can edit these property values inline, and changes will automatically save when leaving the field or pressing Enter.

import { CrmAssociationPropertyList } from '@hubspot/ui-extensions/crm'; const Extension = () => { return ( <CrmAssociationPropertyList objectTypeId="0-2" properties={[ 'name', 'domain', 'city', 'state' ]} filters={[ { operator: 'EQ', property: 'domain', value: '' } ]} /> ); };
Prop Type Description
properties Required Array The list of properties to display from the associated record, up to 24.
objectTypeId Required String The numeric ID of the type of associated object to display (e.g., 0-1 for contacts). See complete list of object IDs.
associationLabels Array When provided, returns associated records that have all the specified labels.
filters Array Filters the data by specific values of the associated records. Review the CRM data filter options for more information.
sort Array The default sorting behavior for the table. In each sort object in the array, you'll specify the following:
  • columnName: the column to sort by.
  • direction: the direction to sort by. Can be either 1 (ascending) or -1 (descending). By default, order is ascending.

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