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The RadioButton component renders a radio select button. If you want to include more than two radio buttons, or are building a form, it's recommended to use the ToggleGroup component instead.

import { RadioButton } from '@hubspot/ui-extensions'; function Extension() { const [roleType, setRoleType] = useState( 'support' ); return ( <> <RadioButton checked={roleType === 'superAdmin'} name="roleType" description="Select to grant superpowers." onChange={() => { setRoleType('superAdmin'); }} > Super Admin </RadioButton> <RadioButton checked={roleType === 'support'} name="roleType" description="Select to assign a Support role." onChange={() => { setRoleType('support'); }} > Customer Support </RadioButton> </> ); }
Prop Type Description
name String The input's unique identifier.
value String | number The radio button value. This value is not displayed, but is passed on the server side when submitted, along with name.
checked Boolean Whether the radio button is currently selected. Default is false.
initialIsChecked Boolean When set to true, the option will be selected by default. Default is false.
description String Text that describes the field's purpose.
readonly Boolean When set to true, users will not be able to enter a value into the field. Set to false by default.
variant 'sm', 'small' | 'default' (default) The size of the checkbox.
inline Boolean When set to true, arranges radio buttons side by side. Default is false.
onChange (checked: boolean, value: string) => void A callback function that is invoked when the radio button is selected. Passes the new value.

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