Join the HubSpot Developer Slack Community

HubSpot's Developer Slack is a dedicated community for HubSpot's developers to gather for developer-to-developer support and collaboration around the HubSpot platform. Started in 2016, the developer Slack community has grown to hundreds of active developers from around the world gathered together to share their knowledge and expertise. 

Who is the Developer Slack Community for?

Whether you are just starting out developing on the HubSpot Platform or you are a seasoned expert, the developer slack is for you. We have channels dedicated to multiple aspects of our platform from APIs, Email Development, Local Development using our CLI, Templates, Themes and more. 

What can I expect once I join the community?

You can expect to find an active community of developers who support and teach each other. This is first and foremost a community, the more you put into it the more you'll get out of it. This community is global, but the majority of folks in it are in the western hemisphere, that means if you live in the eastern hemisphere you may not see fast responses. It's not that anyone is ignoring or not seeing your posts, it's probably that folks are sleeping. The way to change that is to be one of the folks in your time zone that's active and helps others. Through that the community will grow and be more useful to you. We at HubSpot care deeply about this community and are a part of the community. Treat others with respect, treat HubSpotters with respect. Review our slack community code of conduct. Let's grow better together.

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