In HubSpot, company records store information about a business or organization. The companies endpoints allow you to manage this data and sync it between HubSpot and other systems. 

Companies, along with contacts, deals, tickets, line items, products, and quotes, are objects in the HubSpot CRM. Learn more about object properties, associations, relationships, and more in our Understanding the CRM guide. For a more detailed look at HubSpot record types, you can use our Guide to Records.

Example use case: Your organization is using HubSpot and an external payment system. When a company is delinquent on payments, you want to make sure their company record is updated HubSpot. To automatically sync this data, you integrate the two systems using the companies endpoints. These updates can then be used to pause marketing communications or notify a sales owner in HubSpot. 


Learn about how HubSpot deduplicates company records in this knowledge base article.

Company properties

Company details are stored in default and custom properties. Custom properties store specialized information and can be managed through the CRM object properties endpoints.

Checking for updates (recommended)

To allow for new functionality, HubSpot will occasionally update existing default properties, and users may also change their custom properties from time to time. If your integration works with companies, it's recommended that you use the object properties endpoints to periodically check for updates.

Associations between companies and other objects

Companies can be associated with contacts, deals, engagements, and tickets. They can also have parent-child company associations and special contact associations. You can manage object associations using the CRM associations endpoints. 

Companies have a one-to-many relationship with contacts, tickets, and deals, which means that multiple contacts, tickets, and deals can be associated with a single company, but only one company can be associated with a single contact, ticket, or deal. Any contacts or deals associated with a company will appear as related items on the company record in HubSpot. 

For visual representation of how objects relate to one another in HubSpot, check out the Object Relationships section on the "Understanding the CRM" page.

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