When you're creating a quote in HubSpot, you can create and associate a tax as part of the pricing details of the quote.

Create a tax

Taxes are used in conjunction with discounts and fees when determining the pricing details for a quote. Any discounts you associate with your quote will be applied first, followed by associated fees, and then any associated taxes will apply.

// POST request to { "properties": { "hs_label": "A percentage-based tax of 6.5%", "hs_type": "PERCENT", "hs_value": "6.5" } }

After you create a tax, you can use its ID to associate it with a quote. To retrieve a list of taxes you've created, you can make a GET request to /crm/v3/objects/tax.

To view all available endpoints and their required fields, click the Endpoints tab at the top of this article.

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