Welcome to the HubSpot Developer FAQ page. This page is meant to house common questions that we hear from developers. If you have a question that you'd like answered, please ask it in the developer forum, and we may add it to this page.

I'm new to HubSpot and interested in creating an app, where should I start?

First of all, welcome - We're glad you're here and interested in building something. If you already have an idea for what you'd like to build, then you can get started by cehcking out the marketplace docs here. If your wondering what sort of apps HubSpot users are looking for, head over to our ideas site and poke around - there's lots of good ideas there.

The first decision to make is what sort of app you want to build. We almost always recommend that developers create HubSpot Canvas Apps, which can be easily installed and run directly in any HubSpot portal. This will help not only the user experience for folks using your app, but will also aid in the adoption and usage numbers for your app over time because marketers will not have to leave HubSpot in order to use it.

For more information on the different types of apps you can build in HubSpot, please have a look at our Registering Apps page.

Should I use API Keys or OAuth for my app?

If your app is going to be listed and installable in the HubSpot App Marketplace, then you are required to use OAuth as part of internal HubSpot policy. OAuth is recommended for all API authentication, even internal. If you are building a private or internal app however, then you can use an API key to make your API calls. For more information on authentication and the HubSpot APIs, please see this section of the docs.

How does app approval work for the HubSpot Marketplace?

Application approval will be based on the type of app you are submitting, the value and user experience of the app for HubSpot users.

  • For Canvas apps, we'll be looking for a working, stable application, and it's recommended (but not required) that the app integrates with HubSpot via our APIs in some way. We will make sure that the app has a working and usable interface and provides a good user experience before approving.

    Please Note We'll also be looking for a viable support channel, including a form, phone number, live chat or some way to create support tickets.

  • For External apps, we require that all external apps integrate with HubSpot via the APIs. If an external app is submitted to the marketplace that does not integrate, it will be rejected and not listed in the marketplace. For this reason, many external apps end up being integrations with other systems like CRMs, E-commerce, etc...

There are also certain actions that we do not tollerate and participating in these actions could lead to warnings and potential de-listing of your app from the HubSpot Marketplace. These include:

  • Profanity of any sort in images, description, content and language of any type.
  • Spamming of HubSpot users, customers or partners of any kind.
  • Poor user experience. This can include things like a broken user interface, broken links and other bugs that prevent usability and cause user frustration.

We want each and every application help our customers be successful, but we are fairly flexible and open-minded. For questions regarding App Marketplace application approval, please go to our Forum.

Can I expect HubSpot to integrate with my other SaaS web apps?

Yes. HubSpot's APIs are designed to give you programmatic access to your data in the HubSpot system. HubSpot's APIs are RESTful and easy to create wrappers for and integrate with other systems. Most systems on the web today (including CRMs, email marketing systems, financial systems, etc...) have APIs that are available to their customers. Because of this availability, writing a piece of middleware that can integrate 2 systems with these types of APIs becomes easy for any developer. For much more information on what a typical CRM integration looks like, head over to our integrations page here.

How can I access the user information for my app's users?

If your app is a canvas app, then you can access your user's name and email information as parameters right through the marketplace. There are many other useful parameters that we pass you with each HTTP request through the marketplace, for a list of these, please refer to the Apps and Marketplace documentation here.