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HubSpot.Extend() 2022 Recap

Thanks for making HubSpot.Extend() a great success! We were thrilled to see 1,000+ developers join us virtually from around the world for a day of presentations and workshops led by HubSpot thought leaders, sessions on cutting-edge content, inspiring community stories, and more.

Below you will find summaries and recordings of the sessions that took place during the event. 

Opening Keynote 


In this opening keynote of the inaugural HubSpot.Extend() conference, attendees heard from leaders across the organization as they shared product news and updates for our developer community — plus a few exciting announcements.

How JavaScript Rendering Powers Business-enabled Sites 

The CMS Hub product team introduced a new set of HubSpot building blocks for site creation during HubSpot.Extend() 2022. They previewed a new JavaScript Rendering CMS development experience and demoed server-side React code alongside HubL templates, using Islands to progressively hydrate interactive components previewed in real pages.

How to Build Customized CRM Experiences on HubSpot

At the center of every HubSpot solution is contact management and their metadata. HubSpot’s developer product group, Product Managers, showcased a new beta functionality for customizing and extending the capabilities of the CRM during HubSpot.Extend() 2022. They demoed how you can build more advanced solutions with greater flexibility all on HubSpot.

How to Build a Flow Framework with HubSpot Forms API 

In this HubSpot.Extend() 2022 session, HubSpot developer community member, Betterment, explained how they built multi-stage interactive form experiences on HubSpot — a solution that has proven value supporting downstream automation, change management, and business systems integration. They shared a step-by-step demo of a React-based Flows Framework using HubSpot’s Forms API and reusable serverless functions.

How to Build HubSpot Solutions for Scale 

Building for scale is a challenge all developers face. In this HubSpot.Extend() 2022 session, Aptitude 8’s CTO, Tyron Foston, demonstrated ways you can build for scale leveraging their app. Aptitude 8 supports high-volume real-time data streams to and from Stripe and HubSpot. Built on AWS, and leveraging Microservices, Aptitude 8 took the challenge of scale head-on by architecting for scale from day one.

Best Practices for Building on HubSpot CMS Hub 

Website visitor expectations are rising and business needs are growing, so HubSpot Senior Developer Advocate Jon McLaren offered some ways to help you meet those expectations during this session of HubSpot.Extend() 2022. He shared tips on building higher-quality, more performant, and scalable sites in CMS Hub.

A Newbie’s Perspective on Becoming a HubSpot CRM developer


The success of any journey relies on a good start. During this session of HubSpot.Extend() 2022, HubSpot Developer Advocate, Hannah Seligson, shared tips and tricks about getting started as a HubSpot developer and identifying the key functionality of CRM development. She discussed her own journey from API development to building customizable HubSpot CRM solutions.

HubSpot API Development Panel Discussion

A panel of HubSpot community thought leaders discussed HubSpot API development during HubSpot.Extend() 2022. They each shared real-world experiences to help you learn from their successes — and failures! —  as you grow your development skills and practice.

How to Integrate Payment Gateways into HubSpot Quotes

In this HubSpot.Extend() 2022 session, HubSpot App Marketplace developers, MakeWebBetter, shared how they leveraged HubSpot forms, custom quote templates, CRM API, and Serverless functions to build FormPay. This solution integrates directly into common payment services like Amazon Pay and Stripe. They explained how to build a payment gateway with a demo of how they designed their solution to be customizable and easy to use.

Application Tracking with HubDB, Customer Objects, and Coded Actions

One of the most powerful ways to store data in HubSpot is using Custom Objects. When combined with HubDB, GraphQL, and Custom Coded actions, developers are free to build an array of advanced applications. In this HubSpot.Extend() 2022 session, Bright Digital’s lead developer, Teun, showcased the power of HubSpot’s ability to store unique data, create automation, and build dynamic pages.

HubSpot Developer Group Product and Engineering Q&A

Members of the HubSpot Developer Product and Advocacy teams fielded questions about the HubSpot development platform from HubSpot.Extend() 2022 attendees during this Q&A session.

HubSpot Developer Community Spotlights 

Prior to the inaugural HubSpot.Extend() 2022 event, the HubSpot team asked the HubSpot developer community how they’re building, customizing, and extending on HubSpot — and were wowed by the creative solutions. In this session, the team highlighted three real-world examples of solutions built by HubSpot developers.


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