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Recent Platform Updates

Customize your CRM by creating CRM cards [beta] for contacts, companies, deals, tickets, and custom objects. 

Use the quickstart guide to create an example CRM card that retrieves and displays data from an external API on button click. To manually create a custom CRM card in a project, click on the link below for steps on creating your files. 

Explore CRM Development Tools [beta]

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Key Resources

From legal documents, to updates on security, APIs, documentations and much more – here you can find everything you need to support your HubSpot development growth.


For up to date reference documents and integration guides. They include API reference docs, an overview section, an endpoint section, apps and tutorials.

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Extensive documentation and an active developer community helps you stay connected. Join developers as they chat about trending topics, tools and events. 

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Our team of contributors keep the blog current with information that can help you solve quicker. Here, you will also find practical scenarios of how developer tools are optimized for success. 


There are a few legal documents that are central to life at HubSpot. Explore our legal hub for everything you need to support your journey as a partner/ customer.

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The core tenets of HubSpot’s security program are to safeguard customer data and to maintain customer trust. Check out all the details on HubSpot's security and privacy offerings here.

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API Sunsets/Updates

Our APIs are designed to enable teams of any shape or size to build robust integrations that help them customize and get the most value out of HubSpot. Keep updated on sunsets, and updates. 

Dive Deeper into Key Features

Explore key features and APIs for customization and extensibility, and start to build custom solutions on the HubSpot platform.

Custom Objects

HubSpot will let you create custom CRM objects that work just like the default objects, such as contacts or tickets. These custom objects can be customized for your specific business or industry needs, such as creating a custom object to manage subscriptions to your service, or to represent things like real estate or in-person events.


Timeline Events

Timeline events let you add entries to the timeline for CRM objects. They work best with things where time is a crucial data point. Events appear in the record timeline based on the timestamp of the event, so they'll appear near other activities that happened around the same time.


Calling Extensions

The Calling Extensions SDK allows apps to provide a custom calling option to HubSpot users directly from a record in the CRM. Calling extensions are set up as a feature of a public app. You must use the Calling Extensions API to create the calling settings for your app. Once this is done, your calling service will be added as an option for the call button when your app is connected to a HubSpot account.


Enhanced Associations

Account admins can now define their own association labels, which provide more context for the relationships between records. Association labels are supported between contacts, companies, deals, and tickets. For example, you can create a contact-company association label called Consultant to show that a contact is a consultant for a company, rather than an employee.


CRM Cards

Custom CRM cards allow information from other systems to appear on HubSpot contact, company, deal, or ticket records. CRM cards work primarily through webhooks. When a HubSpot user views a record in HubSpot, we'll send a webhook to your system to get the details for the card. This webhook fetch is made each time any user views a record of the supported types in any account with your app installed


Custom Properties

Use properties to store information on CRM records. HubSpot provides a set of default properties for each CRM object, and you can also create and manage your own custom properties either in HubSpot or using the properties API. When creating properties, it’s important to consider how to architect your data. In many cases, creating custom properties for HubSpot's standard objects is the right course of action.

Training & Tutorials

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CRM Record Page Customization

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