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RenderATL 2024 Recap

What happens when you combine tech and culture in Atlanta? RenderATL! Render has just concluded, and it's become one of my favorite experiences of the year. After three days of tech talks and networking opportunities, I'm inspired. I’m Bree, a new Developer Advocate here at HubSpot, focused on creating code samples and content for HubSpot’s UI Extension beta. This was my second year attending, and I was drawn back because of the community. Each year brings new opportunities to learn new technologies and make lasting connections. In this blog post, I'll recount my highlights and favorite moments from RenderATL.

RenderATL Sign

What's RenderATL?

What's RenderATL? It's a tech conference and music festival based in Atlanta, GA. The conference featured enlightening speakers who led workshops on topics ranging from AI to achieving success in job interviews. The talks varied on a technical level, and there was something everyone could enjoy! Render collaborated with local meetup groups and businesses to bring unique networking events to life. This year, Render featured an AI Hackathon with New Relic, which awarded $10,000 in prizes. The conference concluded with a music festival, and this year Anderson .Paak was the headliner.


With so much to do and see at Render, I can't begin to count my amazing experiences. I cherish my deep conversations with other attendees as they are some of my most memorable moments. As I reflect on these impactful connections, let's dive into the highlights of my experience at Render.

Launching HubSpot's Developer Mentorship Program

The HubSpot Developer Relations team sponsored its first external community event, collaborating with Render to host a special brunch for the conference's scholarship recipients. It was a joy to witness a room overflowing with emerging talent from all different backgrounds. I had the pleasure of speaking to scholars attending college, completing coding bootcamps, and self-taught developers. Their energy and excitement were electrifying.

During the brunch, HubSpot's Senior Manager of Developer Community, SJ Morris, unveiled our new HubSpot Developer Mentorship program. The three-month program launches in mid-July 2024 and will offer developers an incredible opportunity to fast-track their learning and thrive in the exponentially growing HubSpot ecosystem. The program was well received by scholars, and we look forward to opening applications this July. You can learn more about the HubSpot Developer Mentorship Program, here.

Mentor Program Postcard

An Opportunity to Learn at Every Corner

This year's lineup of speakers and talks was excellent! I gravitated toward talks focused on web development and career progression. Some of my favorite talks included a discussion GitHub Copilot best practices and a preview of what's to come with React 19.

The talk where I felt the most seen came from HubSpot's own Developer Advocate, Ashley Webster, on Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in Tech From a Non-Traditional Journey. Her presentation guided attendees through the process of recognizing imposter syndrome. Then, she ended the presentation with measurable steps and strategies for working through the feeling.

Her tips included setting realistic goals, which can be broken down by setting monthly, weekly, daily, and immediate goals. Starting with a monthly goal, choose one thing you can do to help accomplish that goal this week. Choose one thing you can do from that weekly goal to accomplish that goal each day. I struggle with imposter syndrome, and her guidance and motivation inspired the room.

Ashley Webster RenderATL Session

Taking the "Work" Out of "Networking"

Many conferences conclude a day of learning with a happy hour, but Render takes it to another level. The happy hours at Render allow conference attendees to explore Atlanta and its local businesses. At each event, I found local business and artists showcasing their work. My favorite event led us to Atlanta's Ponce City Market rooftop for an evening of music, games, and food. Whether in a small queue for a snack or sharing a table, there was no shortage of people to mingle with. The evening ended with a spectacular drone show that displayed tech-themed images above the market. I was blown away by the detailed display and its ability not to disturb residents.

Drone Show

The Strong Community

Render has cultivated such a strong community, and you feel it when you walk in the doors. As a Black woman and software engineer, I've often been the only one on my team. Being the only woman or person of color in an environment can feel isolating. After speaking with other conference attendees, we agreed that Render felt like a homecoming and safe space to be who we are.

The Render community also generates positivity and vibrance, which I haven't seen in many places. Amid an uneasy job tech job market and layoffs, there was a contagious positivity about the tech and where the industry is headed. I couldn't help but leave the conference inspired by everyone's stories.


RenderATL was more than a tech conference — it was a transformative experience that brought together the diverse tech community. The conversations, connections, and insights gained at RenderATL will continue to inspire and motivate attendees long after the conference has ended. The spirit of collaboration, learning, and inclusivity is what makes this event truly special.