Preview and test a theme

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For developers sometimes you need to be able to test out that your theme fields are working properly but don't want to impact real pages. That's where theme test mode comes in.

Test mode

Test mode gives you a safe environment to be able to play with your theme's fields and ensure they are working as you expect. You can rest assured that your website's actual theme settings are perfectly fine. To protect against accidental theme setting updates, publishing is blocked in test mode. You can tell if you are in test mode as ?testmode=true appears in your address bar, and a test mode icon will display in the header of the theme editor.

theme test mode

How to enable theme test mode

  1. In the Design Manager, select your theme in the Finder. 
  2. A preview button will appear. Select it and you will now be in test mode for your theme settings.

Another method is to open your theme settings from within the page editor. Then once inside add the query parameter ?testmode=true to the URL in your address bar.