Create a Broadcast Message

POST  /broadcast/v1/broadcasts

Create a new broadcast message (e.g. a tweet or Facebook post) to be published. It can be scheduled immediately or at a time in the future.

Required Parameters How to use Description
HubSpot OAuth Access Token or API Key access_token=X or hapikey=X - Used in the request URL The HubSpot API key for the portal that you're making the call for.
Optional Parameters How to use Description
None None No optional parameters for this method.

Example URL requesting JSON:

Example request body. The body is JSON and requires a content-type of application/json.

Note: the "triggerAt" field is optional to specify a time in the future; if it is absent, the broadcast will be published immediately. The channelGuid would be retrieved from the list of publishing channels.

  "channelGuid" : "7c13e300-e43f-3aa0-a842-93956cb214e9",
  "triggerAt" : 1356059397000,
  "content" : {
    "body" : "A simple message with a link"

Example JSON output. If successful, the HTTP status code will be a 201 and the response body will include the created broadcast.

  "broadcastGuid" : "96198797-77e0-4f71-a8af-36b2d09d5c18",
  "portalId" : 62515,
  "groupGuid" : "f90ee9d2-f5f9-456c-9950-e15de14d493c",
  "campaignGuid" : null,
  "channelGuid" : "7c13e300-e43f-3aa0-a842-93956cb214e9",
  "clientTag" : null,
  "createdAt" : 1357154298564,
  "triggerAt" : 1357154298564,
  "finishedAt" : null,
  "status" : "NEEDSLINKSHRUNK",
  "message" : null,
  "content" : {
    "body" : "A simple message with a link",
    "link" : "",
    "uncompressedLinks" : "[\"\"]",
    "originalBody" : "A simple message with a link"
  "linkGuid" : null,
  "messageUrl" : null,
  "foreignId" : null,
  "taskQueueId" : null,
  "linkTaskQueueId" : "17b5a005-e907-4dbf-921b-8193fe06132d-GENERATED",
  "remoteContentId" : null,
  "remoteContentType" : null,
  "clicks" : 0,
  "createdBy" : null,
  "updatedBy" : null,
  "interactions" : [ ],
  "interactionCounts" : {