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A 15-week program to equip HubSpot’s app developers with the support and technical guidance they need to deepen their integrations inside the HubSpot Marketplace and drive value for their customers.

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IGNITE your app in 15 weeks

The HubSpot IGNITE program provides a unique opportunity for app developers to receive support and guidance from HubSpot technical experts in making strategic decisions to enhance their integrations. Through a series of technical deep-dive events and extensive resources, developers will learn how to integrate advanced features, boosting the quality of their apps and accelerating customer retention.


Technical deep dive

Technical deep dives

Gain insider knowledge from HubSpot's technical experts on fine-tuning your apps for maximum efficiency and scalability during our exclusive IGNITE events.

Development toolkit

Development toolkit

Stay ahead with ongoing access to our comprehensive toolkit, forums, and documentation, designed to foster collaboration and continuous technical growth within our community.

Demo day

Demo day

After completing the 15-week program, you'll have the opportunity to demonstrate your advancements and share your enhanced integrations with fellow cohort members and leaders across HubSpot.

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Your extended team

Gain insights from our experts in technical implementation and marketplace app adoption. Our expert advisory support, featuring teams in Developer Advocacy and Product Partnerships, is committed to your continuous growth.



Celebrate your contributions and achievements with exclusive HubSpot IGNITE swag.


Join the community

The HubSpot Developer Slack is a great place to connect with your peers to collaborate, problem-solve, and grow your network. We’ll have a dedicated channel to connect with your #ignite cohort.

Timeline and Schedule

Application Timeline

Applications Open
April 8 - April 30

Cohort Announced
May 2024

Program Runs
May 22 - Aug 30

Program Schedule

Kick Off & API Best Practices
May 22, 2024 

Virtual Weeks: Technical deep dives and development
May 22 - Aug 15

Demo Jam
Location: Virtual
Aug 30, 2024

Upcoming Events


Frequently Asked Questions

As the digital marketplace continues to evolve, seamless integration and optimized app functionality have emerged as critical elements in delivering exceptional customer experiences. For app developers, this presents a unique opportunity to elevate their contributions and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of CRM solutions.

HubSpot IGNITE is an exclusive 15-week journey open to app developers. This program is structured around comprehensive technical deep dives, best practices, and the latest tools, all aimed at accelerating your capabilities in refining app functionality and integration within the HubSpot ecosystem. Through a series of targeted events, developers will be empowered to make strategic enhancements to their apps, culminating in a demo jam where they can showcase their progress and share valuable insights with their peers.

The initial cohort will target app developers keen on making significant strides in integration quality, ultimately facilitating a richer, more efficient marketplace for their customers

The HubSpot IGNITE Program is specially tailored for app partner developers looking to expand and enhance their app integrations within the HubSpot ecosystem. The program is especially beneficial for those who actively contribute to the HubSpot Marketplace, and are aiming to elevate their apps through deeper integration and advanced functionalities. This includes developers from startups to established companies who seek to leverage HubSpot's dynamic tech stack to its fullest potential.

The program especially encourages those in the early stages of integration development or those looking to significantly improve their app's performance and customer impact. While HubSpot IGNITE is designed to foster a diverse and inclusive cohort of app developers, it’s important to note that the primary language of instruction and collaboration will be English. Applicants should be ready to engage in a comprehensive 15-week journey that includes participation in deep dives, strategic development sessions, and a demo jam to showcase their progress

The HubSpot IGNITE Program is designed to catalyze the growth and enhancement of your app integrations, focusing on app partner developers. Participants are expected to actively engage in a 15-week curriculum of technical deep dives, Q&As, and development projects aimed at deepening their technical knowledge and integration capabilities. The program is structured to support you in making strategic enhancements to your apps, with an emphasis on creating more meaningful and impactful customer experiences through advanced functionality and seamless integration.

Participants should be prepared to dedicate the necessary time and effort to fully participate in all aspects of the program. This includes attending relevant virtual sessions, contributing to discussions, applying learned concepts to their app development projects, and preparing for the final showcase at Demo Day. The expectation is not just attendance but active participation and engagement with the intent to apply the insights and guidance provided to improve their app integrations.

The HubSpot IGNITE Program is primarily a virtual program, ensuring participants from around the globe can conveniently engage in the comprehensive learning journey we’ve planned. The program will start with an online kick-off, setting the stage for the weeks ahead where participants will delve into a series of meticulously curated learning topics. These sessions are complemented by interactive Q&As, offering direct access to expert advice on specific challenges and fostering in-depth discussions on various subjects.

As the program progresses, we are finalizing the details for the culminating event, Demo Day, and will update participants in due course regarding its format—whether it will maintain the virtual setup or shift to an in-person gathering. Please note that should there be any in-person components introduced during the program, including the Demo Day itself, participants will be responsible for organizing and covering their own travel and accommodation expenses.

Applications open on April 8, 2024, and close on April 30, 2024, at 11:59 PM ET.

If you are selected for the program, we will reach out to you with the next steps in the first week of May. Should you be selected to move forward, you will receive detailed information on the upcoming stages of the selection process, including any future events.

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