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Building Better on HubSpot in 2020

Photo by Dallas Reedy

At HubSpot, we care about making your developer experience as seamless and intuitive as possible. That's why we’re rolling out a series of resources and improvements to make building with HubSpot easier than ever.

Starting Here - Developer Website, Docs and Blog

You’re already looking at some of our latest improvements. We launched our new developer blog to make it easier to get the full story behind our developer updates. Subscribe via the sidebar to get our top developer content delivered to your inbox every month. 

We’ve also rolled out improvements to our API and CMS developer docs, overhauling the experience using the industry-standard OpenAPI spec through Swagger

We’ve wrapped these new resources in an updated website design that’s all part of finding what you need as quickly as possible. 

New Ways to Get Building Fast

A new blog, new docs, and a new website are only as great as their content. With that in mind, we’ve rolled out some tools on our developer site that will get you building quicker. 

These include:

  • First and foremost, we're working to bring a v3 version of all APIs to market to improve consistency in behavior, responses, and error handling. You can learn all about that initiative here.
  • Find downloadable Postman collections on the doc page for each end-point that allow you to organize API requests and prototype quickly.
  • We’ve also rolled out a series of sample apps to demonstrate techniques and best practices for building on HubSpot, with more on the way.
  • Finally, we’re now maintaining a series of HubSpot-official client libraries in Node.js, PHP, Ruby and Python. Let us know which language we should build next!

Calling Extensions SDK

The Calling Extension SDK enables third-party calling providers to seamlessly integrate their calling systems into HubSpot, allowing calls to be made directly from the CRM and to automatically log call engagements. It’s now out of developer preview as a stable release and ready for you to start building with. Learn more about the Calling Extensions SDK here

A New Way to CMS with HubSpot

We’re very excited to share the news about the CMS Hub. It's a major update to our fully managed (server, core software, security) SaaS CMS, that allows developers to focus on building elegant solutions. You can learn what it means for developers here. Also, take a look at the following resources to get started:

Looking for a little CMS inspiration? We’ve got you covered.

Connect with the Growing Community

Our dedicated Developer Relations, Developer Experience, Platform Marketing, and Partner Managers are eager to help you accomplish your goals. Here’s where you can connect with us and other partners, developers and teams building with HubSpot:

  • Developer Slack: A dedicated community for HubSpot's developers to gather for real-time developer-to-developer support and collaboration around the HubSpot platform
  • HubSpot Community Developer Forums: Ask questions, share knowledge and connect with professionals around the world who are growing with HubSpot.
  • HubSpot Ideas: Have an idea for HubSpot? We want to hear about it. 
  • Developer Changelog: Subscribe to stay on top of crucial development updates: new APIs, sunsets, breaking changes and more. 
  • CMS Code Gallery: A showcase of the open-source assets and projects our developer community is working on.
  • CMS Open Source Projects: Open source HubSpot tools, frameworks and projects that you can get involved in.
  • Twitter: Follow us @HubSpotDev

We’re so excited to see what you build on HubSpot. Be sure to stay plugged into this blog and all the resources listed to stay on top of our growing platform resources. 

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