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The CMS for Developers Certification is Back

CMS for Developers Certification

In February, we temporarily suspended the certification aspect of the CMS for Developers course. Details on this can be found in this article.

We’re proud to announce that the certification is back and better than ever! Here are a few things you can expect to find in the new practicum:

  • A focus on themes. This was the major impetus for sunsetting the old practicum and creating a new one.
  • Coded templates. This was the other major impetus for this transition. The new practicum is 100% coded so fire up your favorite editor and stretch out your fingers.
  • 30% more focus on cats. This number has not been verified, but it’s a rough estimate.

Below you’ll find some answers to common questions. If you have questions that aren’t addressed here, check out the Slack group or the HubSpot Community channels.

Also, we love feedback! Please tell us what you like or don’t like about this content in the course survey.. Many of the changes we’ve made in the various iterations of this course have been direct responses to comments folks have left in that survey.

What about my current certification?

Certifications are valid for one year. There are quite a few folks holding certifications from the old course and practicum. They are still valid.

So, while you may want to check out the course to make sure you’re building with the most modern tools and practices, you can feel free to hold off on doing the practicum and getting re-certified until your current certification runs out.

Is now a good time to get certified? Will there be more changes soon?

This question pops up often. We all want to stay current and learn the newest stuff, but things are constantly changing. So when is the right time to dive in? The short answer is now. 

We work diligently to make sure the current state of the CMS for Developers course is always aligned with the state of the CMS itself. That being said, things are always evolving. So here’s a glimpse at what’s coming soon:

  • In fall of 2021, we’ll be adding a couple lessons to the course and polishing up a couple of the videos that are now over 2-years-old. None of this content will fundamentally change the existing content, it will just expand on some of the topics we’re already covering.
  • To reiterate from above: Certifications are good for a year. So when we add new content, that will not affect your current certification status. You’ll just have more content available to round out your mastery of the CMS.

Beyond these planned changes, the CMS will always keep evolving. So check this space for the most current information about the CMS and the CMS for Developers course.

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