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Our CMS Themes Challenge Winners and Why They Develop on HubSpot


We want to thank each of our CMS Themes Challenge participants from earlier this year. Thank you to all those who participated; we had some great submissions! Now that the new Website Themes & Templates Marketplace is live, we're excited to share the winning themes' public listings so you can recommend, share, and engage with the designs with customers and clients. 

We asked the participants: why did you choose to build for the HubSpot ecosystem? 

Below, we highlight some of the winning themes, in no particular order, and the participants' thoughts on why they're excited to be a part of the HubSpot ecosystem and developer community. To see the full capabilities, modules, and features of each theme, be sure to click over to view each theme in the Marketplace.

"The main reason for choosing HubSpot was its friendliness in everything — development practices, product architecture, and development community...When you get a grasp of the HubSpot development, the process to build a theme is super easy and intuitive."
Olia Gozha, Design Partner at Kohorta; maker of Absolut theme
HubSpot - Absolut theme screenshot


"We believe HubSpot CMS will rule the world of CMS...It's powerful, easy, secure, reliable, and maintenance & development friendly."
Umakant Sharma, Team Lead at MakeWebBetter; Austin theme
HubSpot Austin theme screenshot
"We are very happy that we can be a part of the evolution of HubSpot’s content management systems and website building functions."
Szymon Binek, Cofounder and CEO of ClickRay; makers of Turbo

HubSpot Turbo theme image

"The documentation has come a long way and the community is great!"
Stephanie O’Gay Garcia, Freelance HubSpot CMS Developer; maker of Conference

HubSpot Conference Theme screenshot


"We love HubSpot's CMS and see how the many sites we've built have helped content and marketing teams move from agency reliance to their own strategies by using their website as an allied resource to measure and improve everything else in a very agile way."
Bernardo Salazar, CMO at MediaSource; Ocean Pro theme


HubSpot Ocean theme


"HubSpot is the guru of inbound marketing with some of the best tools in the industry...HubSpot CMS provides almost everything a developer could ask for...The resources in the HubSpot developers tutorials are just excellent [and] the community in Slack can help anyone."
Athanasios Nikitas, Developer and Cofounder of Greatives Web; Uranus theme

HubSpot Uranus theme screenshot


"HubSpot Academy tutorials and their Slack community helped a lot and are still helping us to provide the best theme to the world."
Amernath Vellaiyan, Cofounder and Technical Manager at Pennyblack Themes, Portfolio theme

HubSpot Portfolio theme screenshot


"The HubSpot Developers documentation [is a way] to get a good understanding of the theory...The HubSpot boilerplate on Github and the source files for themes and modules that HubSpot delivers are great resources to practice."
Emeline Bulcourt, CEO of Impala Webstudio, Nucleon theme
HubSpot Nucleon theme screenshot

"HubSpot academy and completing all certifications is a good start!"
Johannes Ardhy, Cofounder of GiantFocal; March theme

HubSpot March theme screenshot

For those of you who missed this opportunity, the Website Themes & Templates Marketplace is accepting theme submissions - you can become a provider here.

If you'd prefer to be a part of a targeted program where the HubSpot team helps you identify themes to build, you can check out the program at the Theme Accelerator landing page here