HubSpot Theme Accelerator

Are you interested in building the kind of website themes that HubSpot’s customers need? Do you want to add your unique creative spark to HubSpot’s ecosystem? Consider joining an upcoming Theme Accelerator!

It's Time to Build on HubSpot

What is the HubSpot Theme Accelerator?

The old adage about the importance of a first impression is still relevant—it’s just that websites now serve as the first impression for many businesses. HubSpot helps thousands of business owners put their best virtual foot forward by making it easy to design beautiful and user-friendly websites without needing to be web design experts. 

And that’s where you come in. We’d like to help connect your innovative design work with more companies that need it.

What’s in it for you?

Our Theme Accelerator matches customer needs with our upcoming theme pipeline. We’ll help you focus on building themes our customers need, and we’ll help your website themes reach a wider audience—there’s an increasing number of websites using HubSpot themes every day.

How does the HubSpot Theme Accelerator work?

HubSpot has multiple Theme Accelerator Programs that offer specialized themes for different businesses—including food and beverage, arts and entertainment, and small businesses. You’ll be connected with our dedicated team who will give you a detailed overview of the program, including information about what users are looking for. Participants in the Theme Accelerator Program earn compensation based on how well their themes are adopted in the HubSpot marketplace. The more users who download your theme, the more money you’ll earn.

The Theme Accelerator has been a great program to be involved in! The HubSpot team is very responsive and knowledgeable, always willing to answer any questions and send us detailed suggestions on how to improve our theme builds. Web Canopy Studio has been excited to be part of each Theme Accelerator and collaborate with the HubSpot development team to create some of the most downloaded themes in the marketplace.
Liz Mac Intyre | Creative Services Director | Web Canopy Studio

The HubSpot Theme Accelerator program has impressed me on multiple levels, like getting an idea of the types of verticals one should be building, discovering new solutions to designing, development techniques, and supportive marketing campaigns for our themes!

We got to be a part of the theme accelerator program that, even better, is assisting us in generating targeted leads and converting them into long-term customers.

What really sets off the theme accelerator is the compensation program. It is one of the most valuable business resources we could have ever been a part of.
Umakant Sharma | Developer Team Lead | MakeWebBetter 

How do I join the next Theme Accelerator kickoff?

Be sure to read the Theme Accelerator FAQs (below) and then fill out the Theme Accelerator Interest Form to get all the details.

  • Can I participate more than once?

    Yes. We encourage you to participate often, and you can participate in more than one Theme Accelerator.

    Can I submit a theme that’s already in the Marketplace?

    No, the theme must be new to the Marketplace.

    Do I need to offer technical support for my theme?

    No, that’s an optional service you can tie to your theme if you’d like.

    Will HubSpot help me understand exactly what I need to build?

    Yes, we will provide you with all of the guidance you’ll need.

    Is there a certain level of experience I need to have to participate?

    We welcome all levels of experience, but do ask that you are already familiar with building website themes.

    Do I get compensated for building themes?

    Yes! We’re happy to share details during each Theme Accelerator kickoff.

    What are the terms and conditions for participating in the Theme Accelerator?
    Our terms and conditions are here for more information.