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Customize your CRM with powerful UI extensions

Use React to build flexible custom cards that integrate seamlessly with HubSpot’s standard features.

A custom card within the HubSpot CRM

The future is customizable

  • Hear from developers who have already built new custom views in HubSpot.
  • Find out how React opens up a new world of customization.
  • See examples of custom cards in action.
Read the HubSpot blog to find out more Read blog post 'The Future is Connected, and Extensible'

Case study: See UI extensions in action

From custom stairs to custom cards

Viewrail are a leading manufacturer of custom railings and stairs. As their business has grown, so has their need to customize HubSpot.

In this video case study, you'll see how they've harnessed the flexibility of UI extensions to improve their connection with customers.

Read what Viewrail developers have to say Read full Viewrail case study on the HubSpot blog
Colin Johnson, Revenue Operations Specialist at Viewrail

Being able to build a custom card, tap into serverless functions with React, API and different things. It opens a whole new world of flexibility for our business.

Colin Johnson

Revenue Operations Specialist


Guides and resources

New to react? Learn about React now

New to React?

A great primer for developers who are completely new to working with the React Javascript library or are in need of a refresher.

Create your first custom card

Create your first custom card

A step-by-step guide to building your first React + GraphQL Custom Card for HubSpot’s CRM.

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Ready to dive deeper into what the new tools can do? We've got the docs for that, with lots of lovely code samples.

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