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Coding with Jon: Let's Build a Website!

Join Sr. Developer Advocate Jon McLaren as he embarks on a mission to build a website that every HubSpot Developer is going to be looking at. Joining him will be other HubSpotters who will ask questions, and crack jokes. This is a raw live-development of the site, there's no script, real bugs will be created and squashed, real decisions will be talked through, ask questions, make suggestions, have some laughs.


HubSpot CRM Bootcamp Winter 2024 Week 1 Slide

HubSpot Academy CRM Customization Bootcamp for Developers

This is a six-week active Dev bootcamp for intermediate to experienced developers that are new to HubSpot CRM development. Following completion of the program, participants will be able to customize the CRM.  Experienced HubSpot Dev Instructors will provide information, activities, and will lead hands-on group and individual activities as part of an active community.

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Past Events

Mastering HubL: From Basics to Advanced Techniques

Learn from the HubSpot developer community's top CMS Developers as well as a special presentation from HubSpot's own Sr. Software Engineer, BJ Szyjakowski.

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Driving Revenue Growth: The Power of HubSpot Quote Templates and API Integration

Learn how to get the most out of building custom quotes and using the commerce API with HubSpot.

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Code with Confidence: Best Practices for HubSpot CMS Developers

Let's be honest, there are so many ways to tackle a CMS project in HubSpot. Join us as we talk with some seasoned veterans of HubSpot.

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From Concept to Listing: Navigating the HubSpot App Marketplace Journey

Watch this DHUG (Developer HubSpot User Group) session dedicated to guiding our community of entrepreneurial developers through the process of building and listing an app on the HubSpot App Marketplace. We have enlisted the help of some seasoned App Marketplace veterans to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the entire journey, from the initial concept to a successful listing. And if that wasn’t enough, we have some HubSpotters working in the App ecosystem who will spit some knowledge at you!

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Members only: A Developer’s Roadmap to HubSpot’s CMS Membership Functionality

Watch this Developer HubSpot User Group focused on CMS Memberships functionality. Join us as we navigate the developer's roadmap, unveiling the secrets to crafting seamless and impactful membership experiences.

The PB&J of CRM customization: React based Custom cards

Developer HubSpot User Group focused on CRM Customization - understanding what it entails and mastering how to harness it. With guest appearances by HubSpotters Sejal Parikh, Sr Product Manager, and Jon McLaren, Developer Advocate, you'll learn to build your first custom card and discover inspiring real-world applications crafted by our developer community.

From Stagnant to Scalable: Powering Web Content with HubDB and Custom Objects

Content is one of the most essential components of every website, yet it is often stagnant, difficult to manage, and not very interactive. You are more accountable for the content as a developer than you may realize. You are in charge of turning the idea into reality. Join the "From Stagnant to Scalable: Powering Web Content with HubDB and Custom Objects" Developer HubSpot User Group webinar to discover how to use HubDB and custom objects to make your website more scalable, maintainable, and engaging.

Grow Better with CRM UI Customization

In this INBOUND23 session, Katherine Man and Sejal Parikh from the HubSpot CRM product team, highlight the new CRM UI customization feature that allows businesses to tailor their CRM experience to their unique needs. Featuring a detailed walk-through of the configuration and extensibility features offered, along with authentic testimonials from Viewrail, the session emphasizes on how the elevated customization leads to enhanced business growth.

Extending and Customizing the HubSpot CRM Platform

Kelly Serebin, Scott Brinker, and Brian Gorbett dive into the intricacies of the HubSpot ecosystem. Explore Brian's journey from industry giants like Google and Meta to his recent role at HubSpot, and Scott's 6-year perspective on HubSpot's evolution. Discover insights on app partnerships, platform quality, and the pivotal shift from product suites to comprehensive platforms. Also, get a sneak peek into the exciting opportunities, challenges, and future aspirations for HubSpot's vibrant community of developers and partners. Don't miss this vibrant discussion from Inbound 2023.

Scaling Business with HubSpot Platform Functionality

In this session, dive deep with HubSpot Developer Advocates, Dennis Edson and Hannah Seligson, as they share how to scale businesses using HubSpot's platform functionality. Discover the transformational journey of the fictitious 'Three Little Pigs Construction' and how they optimized their HubSpot CRM to its fullest potential.

Build Deep CRM Customization to Supercharge Your Business

This enlightening session, originally presented at INBOUND 23, offers viewers a comprehensive look into the essential nature of CRM customization and its pivotal role in modern business processes. Laurie, with her unique expertise, shares her insights as a Product Lead, and Jon, as the dedicated Developer Advocate, sheds light on the intricate bridge between the developer community and product teams.

Sequin Webinar

How to Help Businesses Scale with HubSpot: A Developer's Perspective

This technical webinar is designed to help HubSpot developers overcome scaling challenges with their integrations that arise as businesses grow using their HubSpot CRM.  This webinar is  presented in partnership with Sequin, an app that can help businesses scale their HubSpot CRM. Sequin will demonstrate and explain the technical approach for how businesses have successfully used Sequin to scale their HubSpot CRM.

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HubSpot.Extend() 2022

This free digital conference featured presentations and workshops led by HubSpot thought leaders, sessions on cutting-edge content, inspiring community stories, and more. Attendees learned new techniques and tips in bite-sized workshops, dug into technical topics during breakout sessions from product and community experts, and enjoyed plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded developers around the world.

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Getting Started with Custom Objects

The latest installment of this series explored the basics of custom objects, how to use them to extend the capabilities of the HubSpot platform, and how to transform your HubSpot instance from a “customer relationship manager” to an “anything relationship manager”. With custom objects, you can extend the capabilities of the HubSpot platform to suit your unique business needs. 

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Getting Started with Memberships

Learn the fundamentals of building with HubSpot Memberships with AJ Laporte and Jon McLaren, and hear how to implement schema for a blog that already has tons of posts to improve SEO from Derek Hawkins.

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