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Public Beta

Sensitive Data in HubSpot CRM for Developers

You're invited to participate in a new public beta regarding support of storing sensitive data within HubSpot's CRM using Private and Public Apps.

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Sensitive Data in HubSpot

We’ve been working toward supporting the storage of several different types of sensitive data within HubSpot’s CRM while providing privacy and security protections that enable our customers to operate our products in compliance with HIPAA. Learn more below on how to get started using sensitive data in your public and private apps. We encourage you to also visit our Trust Center for resources on storing sensitive data to ensure that you use our products and services in a way that supports your HIPAA obligations.

About the Sensitive Data Beta and its functionality

This beta enables public and private app developers to interact with sensitive data via the following HubSpot APIs:

  • CRM Objects API: Developers can use private and public apps to create, read, update, and delete sensitive data property values on contact, company, deal, ticket, and custom object records.
  • CRM Properties API: Developers can use private and public apps to read custom sensitive data property definitions/schema for contacts, companies, deals, tickets, and custom objects. At this time, creating, updating, and deleting custom sensitive data properties is not supported.
  • Webhooks API: Developers can create propertyChange event type webhook subscriptions for sensitive data properties on contacts, companies, deals, and tickets. 

To limit programmatic access to customers' sensitive data, new scopes have been introduced for public and private apps:

  • crm.objects.contacts.sensitive.write
  • crm.objects.companies.sensitive.write
  • crm.objects.custom.sensitive.write
  • tickets.sensitive

Learn more about Sensitive Data scopes and how to manage sensitive data on our docs.

What types of data are allowed for Sensitive Data?

Below illustrates a few examples of the types of data that can be stored within sensitive data properties. 

For a full list, please visit the HubSpot Sensitive Data Beta Terms page.

Limited Government-issued identification

This does NOT include Government-issued numbers used to grant access to highly sensitive information for example Social Security Numbers or tax identifiers.

Demographic data

Including but not limited to ethnicity, gender, age, religion and sexual orientation.

Last 4 digits of bank/financial institution account numbers

Full account numbers are NOT included in Permitted Sensitive Data.

Last 4 digits of credit or debit card numbers

Full card numbers and card security codes (CSCs) are NOT included in Permitted Sensitive Data.

How do I get started using Sensitive Data in my app?

For Private Apps

Private App developers will immediately be able to add any of the new scopes listed above to their app's configuration. Visit "Settings > Privacy & Consent" in your account to get started with sensitive data today.

For Public Apps

To start using Sensitive Data in your Public App, please review the details of our multi-step process that is designed to protect the privacy of customers' sensitive data in 1:many public applications.

Where can I find additional resources on Sensitive Data?

Enabling Sensitive Data in your account and Creating Sensitive Data Properties

In this knowledge base article, you'll learn how to enable sensitive data in your account and how to create sensitive data properties.

Access and manage sensitive data

Learn more about enabling sensitive data access in your app, how to manage sensitive data, and view code samples on our API Documentation.

Sensitive Data Beta Legal Terms

The HubSpot Sensitive Data Beta Terms apply to and govern your participation in the HubSpot Sensitive Data Beta Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please view our Covered Services Table listed within our Sensitive Data Terms for a complete list of features within HubSpot that support Sensitive Data. 

You can use sensitive data properties as filters to create your Lists or within Workflows filters and actions.

At this time, only Version 3+ of our CRM Object and Properties APIs will support sensitive data. Previous versions (V1 and V2) of our CRM Object and Properties APIs will not support sensitive data.

At this time, only reading sensitive data property definitons/schema for standard and custom objects is supported. Programmatically creating, updating, and deleting sensitive data properties is not supported.

Please visit our API documentation about Sensitive Data to learn more about scopes, turning on sensitive data for your app, code samples, and error messaging.