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Themes Are Now Available on the Marketplace. What Are They and Why Should You Build Them?

Starting today, June 25th, 2020, you can search, purchase, and download themes from our Template Marketplace. HubSpot themes are one of the newest additions to the HubSpot CMS that allows developers to code websites that are highly customizable and flexible for content creators.

Themes section in the marketplace

What are Themes?

Themes differ from standard templates in both functionality and portability. They give developers the ability to create flexible packages of assets that can be moved from portal to portal with ease using our HubSpot CLI tools. They also allow developers to implement guardrails that ensure websites stay on brand over time.

Theme selection screen

What are some benefits of using themes over Standard Templates?

HubSpot Themes + CLI = Workflow Bliss

When working with themes (which use our HubL + HTML templates) and our HubSpot CLI tools, you can use your preferred code editor, version control, and build processes. Don't currently have a development workflow? Check out our tutorial on setting up a Continuous Integration with a GitHub Repository using GitHub Actions.

GitHub actions deployment

Theme Fields

In standard templates, if you (or your clients, content editors, etc.) want to make style enhancements to your site, you have to make changes to your CSS files and update the corresponding areas by finding the correct classes or by using variables in your CSS. This can become tedious when it comes to designing or updating items, such as tertiary buttons or heading weights, especially when there are multiple rounds of revisions involved.

In contrast, with theme fields, developers can create various controls that allow content editors (or other branding decision-makers) to easily tweak global styles without worrying about digging through CSS style sheets. 

Theme fields in use

Theme Modules

In the past, if you created multiple modules for a specific template, they would be mixed in with all of the other modules available for your site. This could make it very difficult for your clients or content creators to find the right modules to add to their pages. 

Theme modules allow you to create modules and display them in a separate "Theme modules" section above the rest. This makes it easier for your content editors to find the modules that you built specifically for their theme. Don't worry, other modules will still be accessible to content editors, they will just be located under the "Common modules" and "Custom modules" sections. 

Theme modules list

How can I get started building themes for my business or clients?

We offer many resources, including tutorials and documentation that can help you jump-start into creating themes with HubSpot. We have even created a HubSpot Theme Boilerplate that provides the perfect starting point for your themes.

Below are some links to help you get started with themes:

Should I build a theme for the Marketplace? 

Absolutely! Listing themes in the Marketplace can be a great way to generate revenue and diversify your income streams. You are creating a digital product that can be sold over and over again to many different customers. Also, customers who purchase your theme may need additional customization, which could open the door for you to offer development services.

Because we just recently released themes functionality, there aren’t very many themes available for purchase yet, which means now is an excellent opportunity for your listing to stand out in the Marketplace. When designing themes, consider focusing on specific industries or common use cases to differentiate your offering. To help get the ideas flowing, here are a few industries we recommend considering:

  • Computer Software
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Financial Services
  • Higher Education
  • Management Consulting
  • Real Estate
  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Health, Wellness, and Fitness
  • Insurance

CMS Hub is a growing force in the CMS market. Many organizations that decide to migrate their websites to our system may start with a theme from the Marketplace to minimize the amount of custom development work they need. This is your chance to make sure they are purchasing your work. Setup your marketplace account and get started here. 


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