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This page shows the resources shared related to all of the talks from Developer Day 2021.

Opening Keynote

Speakers: HubSpotters Anthony Roldan (Director of Engineering), Laurie Qian (Product Lead of Developer Platform), and Gregory Cornelius (Staff Tech Lead of Developer File System).
Host: Dana Pesendorfer - UX Strategist & Designer

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The Best of HubSpot CMS

Speaker: Jason Rosa (Software Engineer at HubSpot).
Host: Nicole Brenner (UX Researcher at HubSpot)

  • You can find the Growth Theme in the Design Manager within the @hubspot folder or fetch it using hs fetch @hubspot/growth-theme. The Growth Theme is a great theme to draw inspiration from.

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Leveraging HubSpot's APIs and Workflows

Hosts: HubSpotters Dennis Edson (Community Support Manager) and Nicole Brenner (UX Researcher)

Using workflow extensions to build Magento 2 Dynamic Coupons

Speaker: Parag Jagdale co-founder and CTO of Unific

Building integrations that enhance the HubSpot CMS

Speaker: Olia Gozha and Roman Kozak partners at Kohorta

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The HubSpot App Marketplace: A $4.2 Billion Opportunity (For You!)

Speakers: HubSpotters Hugh Durkin Director of Product Development (Platform Ecosystem) and Steve Laham, Head of Certification
Host: Nicole Brenner

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Using data to build seamless digital experiences

Speakers: HubSpotters Will Spiro (Senior Product Manager), Stef Leitch (Senior Software Engineer), and Gobi Selvaraj (Senior Software Engineer)
Host: Nicole Brenner

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Lightning talks with the community

Hosts: HubSpotters Dennis Edson and Nicole Brenner

HubDB: Single-page multi-filtering, sorting and pagination using javascript

Speaker: Milos Miljkovic

  • Developer Documentation references

Pushing HubDB beyond it's limits

Speaker: Kieran Allen, founder of KJA Digital

MJML + HubSpot email templating

Speaker: Douglas Welcome, brand design lead at Sama

Level up your HubL:  Snippets to supercharge development

Speaker: Gonzalo Torreras, freelance developer

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Reusable, portable, and DRY module field groups using webpack

Speakers: Ben Russell and BJ Szyjakowski of Spin Group

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