Applying to join to the Custom Objects OAuth Pilot Program

What is the Custom Objects OAuth Pilot Program?

The pilot program gives a small group of App Partners and developers access to create custom objects using OAuth. Those custom objects can then be used by multiple customers via an app.

Who should apply to join the Custom Objects OAuth Pilot Program?

Any HubSpot customer with an Enterprise subscription can create custom objects for their own account using the Custom Objects API and an API key. However, App Partners or developers looking to create custom objects for multiple accounts via an OAuth app need to request access to the pilot program.

  • Only App Partners and developers who want to create custom objects for multiple accounts should apply to join the pilot program.
  • All other users should follow these instructions to create their own custom objects using an API key.

Why do I need to join the pilot program to create custom objects using OAuth?

Because custom objects can have a big impact on customer accounts and their data, HubSpot is closely monitoring the implementation of new multi-account objects. For example, two integrations can create different "invoice" objects, resulting in different user experiences for the same concept.

What information should I include in my application?

Your application must include:

  • A description of the customer problem your custom object will address or solve.
  • A description of your object and its properties/data. How will it solve your customer problem?
  • A list of the standard objects your object will be associated with. What will those relationships do for HubSpot users?
  • A list of the HubSpot features your object will work with, especially reports or workflows. How will these feature integrations help users better organize, visualize, automate, or report on their data?
  • An explanation of any overlap your object has with existing standard objects.
  • Links to your custom object's index page in either a production or test account, object-based workflows (optional), and object-based reports (optional).

Any request that doesn't include all of the information listed above will be automatically rejected.

How do I submit my application?

Fill out the form below. HubSpot's app certification team will review your submission and contact you with any updates. The timeline for this process will depend on request volume.

Note that acceptance to the pilot program is subject to approval by HubSpot and is not guaranteed. HubSpot reserves the right to accept or reject any applications based solely on our own criteria and judgment. Use of the Custom Objects API is subject to HubSpot's Developer Terms and Acceptable Use Policy.