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HubSpot Developer Changelog

New list segmentation options for timeline event properties

Timeline event properties of type 'string' now support 'does not contain', 'starts with', 'ends with', 'is known', and 'is unknown' filters when creating lists.

What’s happening?

Beginning immediately, users will have more options when adding list segmentation criteria based on timeline event properties of type 'string'. The new filters include 'does not contain', 'starts with', 'ends with', 'is known', and 'is unknown'.

What’s changing?

Previously, string timeline event properties only supported a limited subset of the filters that object properties supported. Users were only able to filter using 'is equal', 'is not equal', and 'contains' filters. While these filters are useful, the lack of more sophisticated filtering options made it difficult to create certain types of lists.

Going forward, string timeline event properties now support a wider variety of filters, enabling users to build more sophisticated lists based on their integration's timeline events.

When is this happening?

This feature is currently available to all users with access to lists and integrations that use the Timeline Events API installed. 

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