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5 Posts in Analytics API

New Events and updated Ecosystem and CMS APIs are now in Developer Preview

As we continue to build the next generation of HubSpot’s APIs to provide the consistency and completeness our developer community has requested, we are excited to announce that a net new API and several more updated APIs are now in developer preview.
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New feature: Check for the existence of analytics data for any supported object type

What's Happening? Today we're releasing a new endpoint for the Analytics API. This endpoint will let you check to see if there is existing analytics data for any of the specific objects supported by the Analytics API. This will allow you to perform...
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New Functionality: New features for Analytics API

New functionality: Analytics API now supports pulling data for custom events & using analytics views.
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New Functionality: Get performance metrics for your workflows

New Functionality: Workflow performance metrics endpoint
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New API: Analytics

Analytics API released: 3 new endpoints available
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