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7 Posts in CRM API

XSS Sanitization for CRM properties containing HTML

Beginning on July 29th, updates to rich text CRM properties will have any HTML sanitized before the value is stored in HubSpot.
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Validation changes to company property - Industry

Beginning on July 14th, the industry property on company records will begin correctly validating values when company records are created and updated.
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Upcoming - Increased validation for contact updates made through APIs

Beginning on May 22nd, 2023, we will be updating our APIs to use more strict validation for updates made to contact records.
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Bugfix: Integrations and CRM property change sources

What's changing? We will be making the change source for property updates to CRM records more consistent for updates made through integrations. This will affect the sourceType and sourceId fields in the property history. This was already implemented...
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New validation for custom object names

Effective immediately, we will be enforcing new limits on the name field for custom object schemas.
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Upcoming: Customized lifecycle stages for contacts and companies

On September 30th, 2022, users will be able to customize the lifecycle stages for their contacts and companies.
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Announcing a change to how v3 CRM APIs return association data

What's happening? In March, we released a new collection of v3 CRM APIs into general availability. The CRM APIs return association data representing the relationships between objects in the HubSpot CRM (contacts, companies, deals, quotes, line...
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