Sunset: The V1 Forms API will be sunset on March 29th

The original v1 of the Forms API was released in sync with the launch of our then new form tools. Since then, we've added several new features to our forms, including support for progressive and dependant fields, support for inline thank you messages, and new styling options for columns and rows of fields. To prevent issues with breaking changes to the API, these features were not added to the v1 Forms API, and the v2 API was released with those new features. As a result, the v1 API is no longer feature complete with the HubSpot forms tools.

What's happening

On March 29th, 2019, the v1 Forms API will be sunset. This will include all endpoints beginning with the /forms/v1/ path. At this point, the /forms/v1/ endpoints will no longer function. Integrations using the v1 endpoints will need to be updated to use the current v2 endpoints.

When is this happening

The v1 API and the v1 endpoints will be shut down on March 29th, 2019.

Note: This sunset specifically affects endpoints beginning with /forms/v1/. This will not include the new /form-integrations/v1 endpoint to get form submissions.

Please let us know if you have any questions by replying to the forum thread here.

New feature: Get the submissions for a HubSpot form

What's happening?

Today, we're releasing a new endpoint for our Forms API that will let you get the details for individual submissions for a HubSpot form. This will include all of the fields included in the submission, as well as the time that the form was submitted and the page that the form was submitted on.


New Functionality: Global Form Events

New functionality: Global form events added


Forms AJAX Submission Endpoint

AJAX Form Submission endpoint released


Ending Support for the Previous Version of our Form Embed Code

The old form embed code is being deprecated and replaced with the new embed code.