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7 Posts in Workflows API

New Beta Version of the Automation API released

Today we're releasing a new version of the Automation API into public beta. This new API includes updated support for all current workflows functionality, and also brings the API up to our modern API design standards.
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Changes to fields in the Workflows API

We're making some changes to some of the fields used in the Workflows API. Certain optional fields will no longer be included in the response for any workflow and other fields will have static, empty values regardless of how the fields may be set...
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Email and custom workflow v3 APIs are out of beta

We're excited to announce that the Custom Workflow Actions API and two of our email APIs are exiting beta. You can now feel safe using them in production apps.
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Sunset: FTP Folders and Workflow Log Events

We’re experimenting with batching sunset updates every other week. We hope this will improve your experience as a developer community. Please let us know what you think using the community links below.
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Sunset: Workflow Webhook Action for Marketing Professional Portals

New Marketing Professional portals will no longer have access to the workflow webhook action starting November 1st. New Marketing Enterprise and existing Marketing Professional portals will continue to have access going forward.
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New feature: Workflow Extensions

New Functionality: Workflow Extensions
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Changes to the Workflow API Deal JSON

JSON structure of deal-related workflow actions changed; some top-level deal action properties moved into a substructure.
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